Cheers to the Kindlers!

Interviews scare the hell out of me.

So I decided to get scared.

Coyote Connections, an event with frequency I cannot quantify off the top of my head, offers a really promising evening for students that are ready to approach those kinds of fears. I think that a lot of us are scared about the question of what comes after college. Some say more college, some say back home with the parents. My usual answer is a mobile box car roaming the rails of the great ol’ United States with a journal, a pen, and a lot of debt. It is really difficult to plan a life. Some argue that planning a life is how life becomes less enjoyable. I agree mostly with the latter, but I know that structure is important. C of I’s career services helped me ponder something past homeless destitution – Romanticized and as fun as it may be.

There were alumni from all different walks of life. They would ask us, the students, a standard interview question and give us feedback. I am naturally rather nervous and did not expect to impress anybody. Yet, for the most part, I performed surprisingly well. A few individuals said that I was spot on, cheerful, and pretty thoughtful in my answers. It was all rather encouraging. I have a respect for alumni. They have been through the C of I circuit and turned it all into something special. In this I have to thank them for taking the time to come visit and help us on our path. You guys rock, and I am glad that C of I humor is definitely a cultural constant.

More than that, however, I was surprised to see the student turnout. This year has been a bit silent on student happenings, but here I saw all different subcultures on campus flowing about and learning together. It felt really neat. Watching it was a treat. Friends and strangers all came together to talk, learn, and grow. I was dumbfounded by the simple beauty of it all. The resources were amazing and I became quite a bit less fearful of life after this place. There are supporters out there and we have a lot of opportunities to prepare for our futures.

I am not a man of marketing, but I simply have to say to any peer reading this: Attend a Coyote Connections event at least once in your time here. It makes a difference. To alumni reading this: Thank you for your support in moments like these. I would love to meet more of you, hear your stories. Come visit, if the school is cool with that. You all have a lot to give us in information and experience. Sometimes I struggle to feel like a true Yote, but the alumni always bring me to a point of peace. Your history is our future – In this we are connected.

Thank you for lighting our candles.

Interviews are not so scary today. Nor tomorrow. Or the day after.

 Austin Kirkham is a Senior creative writing major from Meridian, Idaho