We're An Irrational Bunch

Hi. It’s been a while. Sorry, I’ve been a bit neglectful of you guys. I have a confession though: I’m a Boonie. What a shocker that one is, right? Some people in this world get their jollies by pushing numbers around, and I guess I’m becoming one of the jolliest. Maybe there’s not glamour, I don’t know, but the future’s shiny to me. We won’t be lawyers, and heck, most of us on the ground floor of Boone won’t be going to med school. We get the research/engineering path. Some of us will be professional stargazers, some of us are going to be burning holes through crap all in the name of scientific glory, and some of us will solve major world issues. Those are the reasons why my name’s in the ring. I want to be an adult playing with adult sized LEGOs and blowing things up, and maybe even have something wonderful come of it. Anyway, I’m a Boonie, and 5 days ago from the time of me writing this was 3/14, which for those of you who may have been traumatized by circles, that’s the most standard representation of pi (π), a kind of beautiful freak of a number that lets people in the scientific world get away with a lot of stuff involving circles and waves. Those things are everywhere, so it’s kind of a big deal.

And I think we made our celebration a big deal too. This is the most involved I’ve been with the creation of a holiday, and I wasn’t even the one in charge. See, Pi Day is organized by Math Club. Yes, there’s a Math club, and we’re pretty badass. We were the ones that gave you guys the stuff at the big wooden table. Back to the point though, I’m not the one who coordinated everything. That’s Johanna. She’s the president. I sent her a few pre-post Pi Day questions because I want to shamelessly root for my home building and hey, how often are you going to be talking to people who speak numbers and breathe chalk dust?

What's Math Club all about? Pretend my alter-ego is an uninformed citizen of Strahorn! How did you get involved, and what do you do/want to do with it? Math club is all about bringing the joy of math to the uninformed citizens of Strahorn along with everyone else in the world! We help with events like the Putnam Competition (which anyone can sign up for, see the math department around late September if you’re interested), and put on Pi Day. I got involved as a freshman who heard about the math club needing volunteers for Pi Day, so I signed up and helped a bit that year, and I’ve just been getting more involved since then.

What does Pi Day mean to you? I mean it's almost sqrt(10), which is pretty bad ass, and Euler's Equation was life changing for me, but why are we celebrating it? Everybody needs an excuse to throw a party, even math nerds! And I really like having a (holi)day in which it is totally acceptable to eat as much pie as possible outside of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Anything else you'd like to pitch/throw out there? It can be about your research, or Boone life in general…Anything really!

I’d just like to tell everyone that they can come visit Boone all year round, they don’t have to wait for us to throw open the doors and crawl out of our labs on Pi Day. We don’t usually bite, although I hear there’s someone in the Bio department plotting world domination.

This was my first exposure to the amount of legwork that goes into a day-long event like this. I was a grill guy, somewhat of an event coordinator, the bad guy who signed Brandon up for being pied, a grocery boy, and a pie maker, all in the span of less than 24 hours. It was a bonding moment for all of us, really.  Over caffeinated though I was, I learned a valuable lesson: Nothing will ever go according to plan, and if you fight that you’re going to have a bad time. Pi Day is something that needs to transcend Boone. We want to put tins full of whip cream in the faces of professors across the campus; we don’t discriminate.

From the Table,


Will Callahan is a junior literature and math-physics double major from Boise.