Selections from the George L. Crookham, Jr.,  Papers

Selected Bibliography

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This  on-line selection from the George L. Crookham, Jr., Papers has been produced  with the kind assistance of many people who have an abiding devotion to Idaho history in general  and to the memory of Governor Frank Steunenberg in particular. Special thanks  should be given to the Governor’s descendents including William L. “Bill”  Crookham of Caldwell, Idaho;  Judy Crookham Krueger, Corvallis, Oregon; John T. Richards Jr., Los   Osos, California; and Dr. A.F.  Steunenberg, Alamo, California. Staff members at the Idaho State  Historical Society, Boise,  have shared both historical information their professional expertise, always at  short notice and with cheerful enthusiasm. Arthur A. Hart of Boise, Idaho, ISHS  Director Emeritus, not only aided in the formal donation of the collection  to The College of Idaho and the Smylie Archives, but also authenticated  and evaluated the documents and related materials. The interest of Katherine Forsythe, a student at  Boise High School, accelerated the scanning  process. The administration, faculty, and staff  of The College of Idaho, in particular President Robert A. Hoover, have  unreservedly supported and encouraged the project since its inception.