Tips for Success

Tips for a Successful Audition

  • Complete all of the audition requirements
  • Perform your works for others before you audition -- Practice performing for others.  You should especially seek honest feedback from music teachers.
  • Come prepared to perform as a soloist or with an accompanist.  If you don't have an accompanist one will be provided for you at your audition.  Please do not bring a CD as your accompanist, as this reflects poorly on your musicianship.
  • Introduce yourself and the pieces that you will perform.
  • Dress professionally.  The way you dress reveals your attitude about music and performance.  If you want to be taken seriously in your audition then you need to dress accordingly.
  • Promote yourself.  After your performance you will have an opportunity to talk with the faculty.  Take this opportunity to persuade the faculty that you are worthy of a scholarship and that you have great potential.
  • Write professionally.  In your written correspondence with the department, such as e-mail, use correct grammar and punctuation.  Sloppy, error-filled writing reflects poorly on your ability to succeed in an academic setting.
  • Don't Panic.  If you make mistakes keep trying.  In your audition you will be judged partially on your ability to adapt and on your potential.