Contacting Your Student

The College of Idaho does not recommend or endorse any specific business listed in this guide. This website is for information only.

Contacting Your Student by Phone or Email

The College of Idaho’s central switchboard can be reached during business hours at 208-459-5011. In case of emergency, Campus Safety can be reached 24 hours a day, year around at 208-459-5151. You may also contact a Student Service Representative at 208-459-5206. The representative would be happy to call your son or daughter and give them a phone number to call, or have a Campus Safety officer deliver a message to them.

Personal information such as phone numbers, campus mail box numbers and class schedules cannot be given out over the phone or in person to anyone except the student.

Student Mail

The format to be used for addressing all mail delivered to C of I students is the following:

Student Name
The College of Idaho
2112 Cleveland Blvd.
Caldwell, ID 83605

Please do not send mail to residence hall rooms because it won’t be delivered there. The above format facilitates sorting by the U.S. Postal Service. Packages mailed through the U.S. Postal Service or parcel delivery companies can be addressed the same way.

Student Phones

Each residence hall has a common area phone that can be used for local calls or long distance calls (with a calling card).

Students are expected to supply their own cell phones for regular phone use.

Sending Your Student a Gift

Use the format above for your student's mailing address.

Birthday Cakes

There are a number of places you can order a birthday cake for your student. A staff member will be happy to pick up cake orders which have already been paid for and will make sure it gets to your student.

  • Albertsons: (208) 454-1271
  • Bon Appetit (campus food service and catering): (208) 459-5490
  • Dairy Queen: (208) 454-9927
  • Wal-Mart: (208) 455-2197

Visiting Your Student

As family, you are always welcome to come visit your student here on campus and get a taste of life at The College of Idaho!

Area hotels:

  • Best Western Caldwell: 208-454-7225
  • LaQuinta: 208-454-2222