Your Student's Transition

Student Health

Your student's health is very important to us. Students are provided with a copy of Student Health 101 each month via email.

The Seasonal Nature of Student Issues

Student issues and concerns change throughout the year. Please take an opportunity to talk through these things with your student.


  • Students start getting behind in classwork and may start skipping class to catch up on sleep
  • Upcoming exams and grades cause anxiety
  • Students become overwhelmed with the number of clubs and activities they have committed to
  • Further strain on relationships at home if they haven't been addressed and resolved
  • Students focus less on their health and start getting sick


  • Resolve to do better academically
  • Holiday financial strain
  • Holiday/winter weight gain
  • Weather-related depression
  • Not as much to do socially/cabin fever


  • Looking at next year - classes, financial aid/scholarship, housing options
  • Spring fever - procrastinating classwork in favor of activities
  • Summer job search
  • "Senior panic" - jobs, graduate school, finances

Your Changing Relationship With Your Student

They need you to let go. Students can have a hard time immersing themselves in the college experience with their thoughts are always about the "old life" they left back home. Let go just a little so your student can find a healthy balance of home life and college life.

They will make mistakes. College is the first time a student is completely independent. Students who are constantly worried about what their family might think or are worried about disappointing their family are less likely to try new things. Students need support to take risks.

Believe in them. Your student is going to change a lot over the next four years – especially during the first year they are away at college. They are going to want to try new things and decide for themselves what they think and believe. Students who succeed in growing the most at college are those who know they have a support system at home that believes they can be successful here.