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ACI presents family with full-tuition scholarships for children

2007. 08. 14.

CALDWELL – Albertson College of Idaho Chairman of the Board Jerry Baur and President Bob Hoover surprised the Stockdale family of Middleton on Tuesday by presenting them with full-tuition scholarships for their four children.

Previously, CofI had offered half-tuition scholarships to Baylee, Jetty, Kayden and McKinnon Stockdale, whose family was chosen by the popular ABC show "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," to receive a specially designed and constructed home.

"Albertson College of Idaho is part of the Treasure Valley community which gave so generously to the Stockdale family, and we wanted to do our part," said CofI President Bob Hoover. "We felt very strongly that this was the right thing to do."
Hoover estimated that by the time the Stockdale children are old enough to enroll at ACI, the scholarships could be worth a total of $500,000 or more. Tuition to CofI for the 2007-08 school year is $17,000.

Parents Ryan and Karia Stockdale were surprised and thrilled by the scholarships.

"They love knowledge so much," Ryan said of his kids. "Now that I'm in school, they want to do what I'm doing."