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Albertson College to Offer Evening Classes for Accounting Students

2004. 09. 03.

CALDWELL (Idaho)- Business professionals and undergraduate students alike can now work their way toward a Certificate in Public Accountancy at Albertson College of Idaho.

The CofI Business Department is offering evening classes to students who are interested in acquiring enough course work to sit for the CPA exam. The department now offers enough courses to fulfill the 150 total credits (30 in accounting or business law) that are required by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

'People out in the community may have a bachelor's degree and be working in the field of accounting and they want to take the CPA, but low and behold, they don't have enough credits to sit for the exam,' Dr. Mike Erickson, professor of business said.

The requirement of 150 credit hours was implemented by the institute in 1992 to encourage students to get a well-rounded education before taking the CPA exam, without the requirement of a master's degree.

'We think there is a need for this, this particular course of study is exactly what the AICPA wanted,' Professor Don Miller said. 'Most schools have gone to a model of requiring a master's degree to sit for the exam but the liberal arts concept is actually gives students the fundamentals in accounting with the broad perspective to be good problem solvers.'

Late afternoon and evening courses will be offered throughout the year and are open to the public at a cost of $305 per credit hour. Fall classes begin on September 9. Evening courses being offered this semester are Intro to Management Information Systems, Managerial Accounting, International Business, Organizational Behavior, Auditing, and Tax Accounting I.

'This course work could be helpful for those seeking enough credits to sit for the exam, as well a people who want to brush up in preparation for it,' Miller said. 'Our program presents an alternative for people who are having trouble getting into classes elsewhere.'

For more information on the classes, contact the Business Department at 459-5802. For information on admission and registration at Albertson College of Idaho, contact the Admission Office at 459-5305.

Albertson College of Idaho is the state's oldest and longest continuously accredited private, residential liberal arts and sciences institution. With an average class size of 15, students receive personal attention from faculty members dedicated to teaching. CofI was recently named a "Best Value" by the Princeton Review and was ranked 11 in the nation by the same publication for Professors Bring Material to Life.

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