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C of I professor Jim Angresano raises $4,000 for Chinese road

2007. 12. 12.

CALDWELL — Political Economy Professor Jim Angresano hosted a Chinese dinner for more than 100 people last week as a fundraiser to build a road in a Chinese village. About $4,000 has been raised for the project. These funds came from ticket sales to the Dec. 6 dinner-auction, the sale of donated auction items, and many generous donations from faculty, staff, current and former students, members of the greater College community and from Hewlett-Packard.

Students Ben Jarvis, Megan Haenszel, CJ Sower and Ashley Hynes assisted with the cooking and planning, and international students Alesandra Liu and Wang Jue assisted with the cooking. The evening included an auction and lecture about the road and reason for the project.

What we wanted everyone to do was connect to the village, Angresano said.

Angresano came up with the idea for the project in September when he was at Hainan University in China as a senior specialist on a Fulbright fellowship. This was Angresano's fourth Fulbright fellowship and his third as a senior specialist. He previously traveled to China in 2001, 2002 and 2005.

One of the students he met on this recent trip lived in the village and talked to Angresano about how a road that was passable year-round would assist the residents by linking them to the larger province.

Construction on the road has already begun and Angresano plans to travel back to China in May. He is working on a grant that would allow C of I students to study there.

Angresano also thanked his wife (and C of I modern foreign language instructor) Elizabeth, associate political economy professor Rob Dayley and assistant history professor Jeff Snyder for their assistance with the dinner and fundraising project.