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Rosenthal Gallery of Art Celebrates Celebration Park with Exhibit

2005. 01. 21.

Caldwell (Idaho)- Albertson College of Idaho's Rosenthal Gallery of Art will showcase Celebration Park January 22-February 12.

This exhibition combines photographs of the rock art, plants, and landscape of Celebration Park with information about Robert Limbert and native artifacts. The show includes a demonstration of flint-knapping on Saturday, January 29 at 1:30 p.m.

Featured photographs include several of the historic Guffey Bridge, several views of Owyhee County, examples of the hundreds of the ancient petroglyphs found at the park, and photographs of desert plants.

Visitors will also have a chance to learn about Robert Limbert, an artist, explorer, writer, sharpshooter, and perhaps most importantly an advocate for the preservation of rock art.

Other exhibits include a rock art fragment and a progression of rocks that clarifies the flint- knapping process. This progression shows rough rock to a finished projectile point. These points were most often used as the lethal point on a two-part atlatl. Two metate grinding stones on display illustrate how berries, fish and grain were processed.

Tom Bicak, Director of Celebration Park, and the hard-working park staff produced this exhibition. Celebration Park is located south of Melba. For information on Celebration Park please call 495- 2745.