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C of I license plates now available

2008. 03. 12.

CALDWELL Idaho license plates with The College of Idaho name and logo on them are now available to purchase at any county auto licensing office in Idaho.

The plates cost $35 the first year they are purchased, which is in addition to the annual vehicle registration fee. They are an additional $25 for each subsequent renewal year. The College of Idaho receives $25 from the sale of new plates and $15 from each renewal, which goes to its scholarship and academic programs.

Standard issue College of Idaho plates are only available at your local county assessor's office. Customers will be provided a temporary registration at time of purchase to drive their vehicle on until their new plate comes in the mail.

These plates may only be displayed on passenger vehicles, light trucks with a gross vehicle weight of up to 26,000 pounds, motor homes and camper trailers excluding horse, car, and cargo trailers with living facilities.

The College of Idaho special plates can also be personalized with up to five letters and/ or numbers. The cost to personalize these plates is $25 in addition to both the special program fees and all other required annual registration and plate fees. The renewal fee for a personalized plate is an additional $15 per year.

Individuals can also purchase sample versions of The College of Idaho plates from the transportation department for $30, however these plates cannot be displayed on motor vehicles. Sample plates can be personalized at no additional cost, and $20 from each sale goes to the College of Idaho's scholarship and academic programs.

Personalized and sample College of Idaho plates are only available by mail. They can be requested online at, or by fax to (208) 334-8542.

All future renewals for College of Idaho special plates will be processed at your local county auto-licensing offices.