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Albertson Collge of Idaho Chemistry Department Aquires New Equipment

2005. 01. 21.

CALDWELL (Idaho)- Albertson College of Idaho chemistry students will have a cutting edge research assistant in the form of an atomic absorption instrument.

The equipment, which was unveiled this week, was paid for by a grant (P20 RR016454) from the National Institutes for Health and the IDeA Network for Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE), and will serve many purposes at the college. The atomic absorption instrument is a very accurate way to determine the concentration of different elements including sodium, calcium, and cadmium, in water-based samples. The sample is atomized under intense heat. The instrument is able to detect the presence of and quantify elements in the sample if the resulting mixture of atoms absorbs particular frequencies of light.. The instrument can detect elements at the part per million to part per billion range.

'It's fairly state-of-the-art,' said Albertson College of Idaho assistant professor of chemistry Dr. Peter Craig.

Chemistry students will encounter the high-tech tool in class and will also have access to it for research projects. The equipment will be particularly useful in environmental research projects such as water quality studies.

'Working with a machine like this gives students relevance, and it gives them experience that will help them in applying for jobs and internships,' said Craig.

The $40,000 machine was purchased with funds from a grant from the National Institutes for Health. The grant established the IDeA Network for Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE) and draws together nine Idaho higher education institutions and two research centers.

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