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Albertson College Expands Partnership to Include Pharmacy

2006. 01. 25.

Caldwell, ID The expansion of a partnership between Idaho State University and Albertson College of Idaho is giving students an opportunity to pursue a doctorate in pharmacy with a solid liberal arts foundation.

'This expanded partnership will give Albertson College of Idaho students an opportunity to receive the benefits of a liberal arts education and the experience of attending one of the top pharmacy programs in the nation,' CofI President Bob Hoover said.

On Wednesday, leaders from the two schools signed a memorandum of understanding creating the cooperative program in pharmacy. Students will attend Albertson College for three years and then enter the Idaho State University Professional Doctor of Pharmacy for the next four years.

'This is a perfect demonstration of institutions working together to provide opportunities for Idahoans,' said Mike Gallagher, ISU President. 'Students can enroll at Albertson College and complete significant coursework that will articulate to ISU, where they can complete a degree in Pharmacy.'

In December 2003, Idaho State University and Albertson College of Idaho began a partnership that allowed students to earn a liberal arts degree while pursuing a career in nursing. Since the signing of the first agreement, the schools have worked closely together to find other mutually beneficial opportunities for collaboration. With the addition of pharmacy, there are a total of seven collaborative programs currently in place between the two schools. The programs include: nursing, clinical laboratory science, occupational therapy, physical therapy, public health, speech pathology/audiology and pharmacy.

Additional Details About the Program:

The CofI Cooperative Program in Pharmacy is a dual degree program in collaboration with ISU. Under ordinary circumstances, students will attend CofI for three years and then enter the ISU Professional Doctor of Pharmacy program (Pharm.D.) for the next four years.

When students have successfully completed the first two years of the Idaho State University Doctor of Pharmacy program, they will be granted a Bachelor of Science degree from ACI. After completing the final two year's of the Idaho State University program, the students will earn a Pharm.D.

Entrance into the ISU program is competitive. ISU has offered at least two admission seats to CofI students each year. The average GPA for admissions is 3.65. During their course-work at ACI, students will be required to complete 93 credits, including the CofI Liberal Arts Core, in addition to all of the prerequisite courses for the Pharm.D. program.


BIO-120 Frontiers in Biology & Lab

BIO-220 Organismal Biology & Lab

BIO-105 Human Anatomy & Physiology I & Lab

one of the following:

BIO-226 Human Anatomy & Physiology II & Lab

BIO-304 Human Physiology & Lab

BIO-355 Selected Topics: Human Anatomy Lab

BIO-360 Microbiology & Lab

MAT-151 Analytic Geometry & Calculus or MAT-123 & MAT-124 Applied Mathematics & Calculus

CHE-141 General Chemistry I & Lab

CHE-142 General Chemistry II & Lab

CHE-301 Organic Chemistry I & Lab

CHE-302 Organic Chemistry II & Lab

PHY-231 General Physics (Lab optional) or PHY-271 Analytical Physics (Lab optional)

POE-271 Principles of Microeconomics or POE-263 Introduction to Political Economy

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