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Albertson College Students Reach Out to Gulf Coast Students

2005. 09. 21.

The students of Albertson College will soon send school supplies to students affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Albertson College Circle K International Club, or CKI, and the Delta Tau Delta fraternity are collecting supplies to send to the Gulf Coast. The drive for school supplies began when several schools in the Gulf Coast area contact the college seeking assistance.

'Several schools north of the Gulf Coast have taken in dozens of students,' Colleen Scovill, a member of the CKI club, said. 'These kids don't have any school supplies and the schools cannot afford to purchase them.'

The students are most in need of backpacks, notebooks, binders, pencils, pens, highlighters, and rulers. CKI is collecting these items from the campus community, and is also raising money to cover postage.

In addition to school supplies, the CofI chapter of Delta Tau Delta is collecting non-perishable foods items, kids' books, stuffed animals, clothing, blankets, non-prescription drugs, diapers, baby items, and personal hygiene items to send to the hurricane ravaged areas.

'We all want to do something to help in these situations,' Scovill said. 'When I learned of the schools that need basic supplies, I realized this was something college students in Idaho could do. We don't don't have a lot of spare time or money, but every one of us has extra pencils or a notebook. When we put them all together, we can make a difference for these kids.'

Albertson College of Idaho has also opened its doors to college students displaced by Katrina. Five students, including a couple from Gulf Port, Mississippi and an international student was studying at Xavier University in New Orleans, have taken CofI up on it's offer of free tuition and room and board until they can return home.

Circle K International will be sending their supplies to Sulphur High School, in Louisiana. The school has taken in 80 students displaced by the storm. Albertson College of Idaho is currently in contact with several other schools in need of assistance. The supply drive will run through Friday, September 23.

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