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Albertson College Fall Enrollment Down Slightly; Retention Rate is Up

2003. 09. 19.

CALDWELL, ID- Albertson College of Idaho opened its 112th year of classes with 795 full-time equivalent students, a 4 percent decline to last year's 30-year record enrollment, yet still following the overall trend of increasing enrollment. The college's total headcount- which includes graduate students and non-degree seeking students- is 833, down from 853 last year.

Favorable retention rates- the rate at which students return to the college- helped the college maintain a strong enrollment. The retention rate of last year's freshmen returning for their sophomore year was 78 percent, significantly higher than the average of 71 percent for previous years.

Due to a difficult last year, the college projected a lower enrollment number for this year compared to last year. However, the total enrollment exceeds what the college projected for the 2003-2004 budget.

Two-hundred and twenty-nine new students, including transfer students, enrolled this fall. Of new freshmen, both mean ACT and SAT scores rose slightly from last year.

Geographically, students come from 27 states, up from 21 last year. The majority of Albertson College students hail from the Gem State. Seventy-two percent- down from 75 percent last year- list Idaho as home, followed by Oregon, Washington, California, Montana and Nevada.