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Albertson College Students in Free Enterprise Hold Ethics Competition

2006. 03. 14.

CALDWELL (Idaho)- Is it ethical for a technology companies to write and sell software that has allowed many customers to be able to easily and illegally copy and share music and videos even if the company advertises other legal uses of the software?

This is the question that will be argued by the participants at the Second Annual 'Ethical Dilemmas in Business Competition.' The event is sponsored by the Albertson College of Idaho chapter of Students in Free Enterprise, or SIFE. The competition will take place on Saturday, March 18 at 11:00 on the Albertson College campus.

Before the day of the competition, students participating in the event will form a group and formulate an argument in response to the ethical question above. At the competition, they will have ten minutes to present their argument to the judges using aids such as PowerPoint presentations, charts, and music. They will be judged on clarity of presentation, understanding of topic, understanding of ethics, argument, and personal relevance. The winning team will receive a cash prize.

Along with the competition, the event will also feature several guest speakers who will talk to participants about ethics in business.

The goal of SIFE at Albertson College is to help students learn about free enterprise through various community service and enterprising projects involving both the CofI campus and the Caldwell community. CofI SIFE also seeks to uphold the nationally recognized goals and aspirations of Student In Free Enterprise.

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