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Albertson College Education Professor Gains National and International Attention

2006. 04. 06.

CALDWELL (Idaho)- Albertson College education professor Deb Yates is gaining recognition and praise nationally and internationally.

Yates has been chosen to be one of the featured keynote speakers at the 2006 Assessment for Learning Institutes. The popular educational institutes will be held in four different cities across the United States and Canada. The first institute will be held in Toronto, Canada in April, followed by Grand Rapids, Michigan; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and Red Dear, Alberta.

At the institutes, Yates, along with co-author Robert D. Barr, will be presenting a portion of their educational simulation excerpted from their book Welcome to Middletown. The book was released in February from Solution Tree Publishers, and according to the Solution Tree website, Welcome to Middletown 'offers a cutting-edge instructional design that employs a reality-based simulation to engage workshop participants in 'fictionalized' experiences during an 18-month period in the life of a school district.'

Welcome to Middletown has also been nominated for a Book of the Year Award in the category of professional staff development for educators from the National Council for Staff Development.

Although Yates admits to being somewhat nervous at the prospect of speaking in front of several hundred participants, she is certain to have fun with her co-author and mentor Bob Barr, who has keynoted hundreds of conferences throughout the country.

'I'll be learning from the master,' said Yates. 'I also expect to have a great time role-playing with audience members, and meeting and networking with educators from across the U.S and Canada.'

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