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Albertson College Professor Breaks New Ground in Asian American Literature

2005. 10. 03.

CALDWELL (Idaho) -- Albertson College of Idaho assistant professor of English Dr. Maimuna Dali Islam is breaking new ground in the study of Asian American literature.

In a soon to be published anthology, Islam coins a new term for writers. Her article entitled 'A Way in the World of an Asian American Existence: Agha Shahid Ali's Transimmigrant Spacing of North America and India and Kashmir' will appear in Transnational Asian American Literature: Sites and Transits. The book is a collection of essays that will be published by Temple University Press in January 2006.

Islam's article examines the life and work of poet Agha Sahid Ali, who was born in India but came to the United States as a student. Islam argues that although most critics place Ali within the category for exilic postcolonial poets, because of the nature of Ali's entry into the United States and construction of India and the United States, his poetry reveals a writer who does not feel that his homeland has been lost. Islam believes that unlike the sepia-tinged nostalgia evident in many postcolonial writers who have left their native lands, Ali is never out-of-place in this world, and his India never becomes an imaginary homeland. In her article, Islam coins a new space for Ali and other writers like him. She defines them as 'transimmigrant,' situated in between the transnational and immigrant spaces of postcolonial literature.

Islam earned a bachelor's degree at Ohio Wesleyan University, a master's degree from the University of Colorado, and a doctorate from the University of Denver. She has been teaching English at Albertson College since 200l.