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Albertson College of Idaho Professor to Present at International Conference During Sabbatical

2006. 04. 04.

CALDWELL (Idaho) – The work of Albertson College of Idaho professor Dr. Ellen Batt is gaining international attention.

During her sabbatical, Batt will present her paper "Speaking Proficiency: Greet the Great Challenge with Interaction Strategies!" at the 4th International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) Conference. The conference will take place in Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro, May 12-14 this spring.

Batt has already done extensive traveling as part of her sabbatical. She is currently in Munich, Germany conducting research on foreign language education, and she has also traveled to Mexico and Ecuador. Batt says that the work she has done abroad has been extremely rewarding and beneficial.

"My sabbatical has provided incredibly enriching experiences resulting from collegial networks in both Latin America and Europe this year," said Batt. "Conducting seminars and presenting at conferences abroad has hopefully contributed to the educational enterprise for my colleagues and students in other parts of the world, and my own learning and scholarship have been greatly impacted."

Batt has been teaching in the Modern Foreign Language department at Albertson College of Idaho since 1983. She currently an associate director of modern foreign language and education at the Caldwell college. She received her doctoral degree in Education from Boise State University.