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Albertson College of Idaho Senior Makes Directorial Debut

2006. 02. 08.

CALDWELL (Idaho) -- Look out, Spielberg- Albertson College of Idaho senior Alex Zamora is making his directorial debut.

For his senior theatre project, Alex is directing a production of "Stonewater Rapture," a one-act play by Doug Wright. Performances are February 9-11 at 7:30 and February 12 at 2:00 in the Eros Theatre in the McCain Student Union Building on the Albertson campus. Performances are free and open to the public.

While most theatre majors act in one of the department's mainstage shows for their senior project, Alex chose a different path. He wanted to try his hand at something new and explore a different aspect of theatre.

"Part of the reason I chose to direct was that directing was once aspect of theatre I hadn't really been exposed to," said Alex. "I felt that to get a well-rounded theatre education, I needed to experience directing."

The first step in the directing process is choosing a play, and Alex had read many one-act plays to find one he wanted to direct. When he read "Stonewater Rapture," it immediately stood out to him because of its complex characters and dramatic plot. "Stonewater Rapture" tells the story of Whitney and Carlisle, two friends living in a small, conservative town in Texas. The play takes place during their senior year in high school, a time when they are discovering themselves and fighting against their conservative upbringing.

"It's a very dramatic, somber story," said Alex.

After choosing the play, Alex took a theatre design class and a directing class this fall to help prepare himself for the directing process. He was able to apply some of the assignments he was doing for those classes to "Stonewater Rapture," and it gave him the opportunity to brainstorm ideas for the set and costumes of the play.

With that preparation behind him, Alex has been rehearsing the show with his actors since the beginning of January. According to Alex, it has been both a very challenging and a very rewarding process. One of the biggest challenges he has faced is making his vision for the play clear to the audience.

"I have to remember to take a step back and look at it from the audience's perspective," said Alex. "Sometimes things are clear to me as the director, but they wouldn't be clear to the audience, and I have to figure out how to make it clear."

For Alex, one of the biggest rewards of the process has been working with his actors. The cast includes Albertson College students Mark Ewins as Whitney and Tori Matthies as Carlisle. Although working with your peers can be challenging, Alex said they have all worked well together and that the rehearsal process has been both productive and fun.

"My actors have been great to work with," said Alex. "I've really enjoyed getting to know them and getting their input on their characters."

From choosing a play to rehearsing with actors, the directing process has been an eye-opening, valuable experience for Alex. He feels like he has learned a lot through directing, and he says that he will look back on this time fondly.

"This has definitely given me a new outlook on theatre," said Alex. "I know I'll look back on this later, and it will be a great memory."