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Earth Day Events Feature Low Carbon Diet Day and Campus-Wide Tree Planting

2010. 04. 19.

CALDWELL – The College of Idaho will mark the fortieth anniversary of Earth Day with a week-long series of events, culminating in a low carbon diet day on April 22 and a campus-wide tree planting on April 23. The Earth Day events are the combined efforts of the college's Sustainability Council; TERRA, a student-run environmental group; the Environmental Studies program; and other campus groups, along with sponsorship from Bon Appetit Management Company, Ida-Gold Nursery, and Sysco Idaho.


As part of the third annual Low Carbon Diet Day, the college's food service provider, Bon Appetit, will make significant menu changes to educate café guests about the impact of the food system on global greenhouse emissions. The low carbon menu includes seasonal and regional food, food that has not been air-freighted, and, most significantly, the elimination of beef and dairy for one day because of the methane gas ruminant animals emit during their digestive process.

“Our goal is to educate consumers about the food system's contributions to climate change,” said Matt Caldwell, general manager for Bon Appetit at the College of Idaho. “We're not suggesting our customers stop eating certain products altogether, but to think more consciously about how what they eat affects our planet.”

Following Earth Day, students, staff and faculty will plant an additional 65 trees on the College of Idaho campus to beautify the grounds and promote carbon consumption.