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Albertson College of Idaho Breaks into Top 100 in Results Based Ranking System

2006. 08. 17.

It is the season for college guidebooks and rankings and in its most recent edition, The Washington Monthly ranked Albertson College of Idaho higher than any other Idaho institution.

Two years ago the Washington Monthly grew frustrated with the U.S. News and World Report's Top 100 university and other college rankings that appear each fall. While the U.S. News' rankings emphasized the quality of students and the resources available to the college, the Washington Monthly wanted to see evidence that students learned something while in college as opposed to what they came to college with. The categories are measured by the number of graduates working in service through organizations such as the military or Peace Corps, the number of students receiving aid who graduate, acceptance rates from graduate school, and the percentage of graduates going on for PhDs. Their categories are weighed equally in their rankings. This is the second year the magazine has produced a college guide.

The August issue of Washington Monthly features the rankings for National Universities as well as those for Liberal Arts Colleges. Albertson College of Idaho was ranked 54th out of more than 200 liberal arts colleges in the United States. The Caldwell school was ranked 10th in the west, ahead of such colleges as Willamette, Lewis and Clark College, and University of Puget Sound.

Idaho Schools that made the National Universities list of more than 200 institutions are the University of Idaho (65th) and Idaho State University (210th); both were compared to more than 200 other national universities. Several Idaho colleges and universities did not make the list.

'With the cost of higher education continuing to rise, measuring the return on the investment is certainly a discussion that will continue to grow,' CofI President Bob Hoover said. 'The Washington Monthly rankings should be taken seriously, and we are proud to know that when it comes to results, the education found on our campus is among the best in the nation.'

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