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Elementary Students to use Abacus - Built by Albertson College Student - to Learn Mathematic Foundations

2001. 11. 16.

CALDWELL, ID - Children at Cynthia Mann Elementary School in Boise will soon be solving complex mathematical problems with a device constructed of beams, rods and beads, and supplied by students at Albertson College of Idaho.

Two Albertson students -- Jeremy Wood of Eagle River, Alaska, and Kiyomi Komori of Eugene, Ore. -- have spent four weeks building 90 abacuses for fifth graders at Cynthia Mann Elementary School in Boise. Each student will get his or her own abacus.

The abacus, first used in 300 B.C., can be used to strengthen children's skills in simple mathematics, such as adding, subtracting and multiplication. The students will get to keep the abacuses, and will use them in math activities throughout the year.

Construction of the abacuses will be completed on Friday, Nov. 16, at 2 p.m. in Boone Science Hall at Albertson College, and will be delivered to the school after Thanksgiving.

For more information, contact Mark Lotspeich, professor of mathematics and computer science, at 459-5682.