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White House Committee Takes Notice of Albertson College Indian Creek Project

2005. 09. 05.

CALDWELL (ID)- Albertson College of Idaho's collaboration on the revitalization of Indian Creek in Caldwell has caught the attention of the White House.

During the recent White House Conference on Cooperative Conservation, government and conservation leaders had the opportunity to learn about Albertson College of Idaho's involvement in Caldwell's Indian Creek revitalization project.

The conference focused on stimulating a national dialogue about successful partnerships, citizen stewardship and collaborative efforts to protect human health and the environment.

Participants received a compendium of 150 case studies, one of which centers on Caldwell's Indian Creek revitalization and refers to the CofI student publication Rediscovering Indian Creek, a collaboratively written history of the creek. The book was released during last year's Indian Creek Festival in downtown Caldwell. The first printing of 1,000 books disappeared quickly. Three anonymous donors have provided funding for a reprinting of the book for this year's festival on September 17. Free copies will be available in both English and Spanish. For a copy of Rediscovering Indian Creek, contact Professor Rochelle Johnson at: [email protected].

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