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ACI hosts Jupiter planetarium show April 5 and May 10

2007. 03. 20.

CALDWELL – The Whittenberger Planetarium at Albertson College of Idaho is hosting a show about Jupiter on Thursday, April 5 and Thursday, May 10 at 7:30 p.m.

The New Horizons space craft has just passed its closest approach to Jupiter. In addition to a tour of the current night sky, participants will look at the history of exploration of the largest planet of our solar system and its moons, see the newest images, and learn what new information is gleaned from each visit.

The Whittenberger Planetarium is located in Boone Science Hall near Jewett Auditorium on the corner of 20th Ave. and Fillmore. The cost is $1 for children ages 5-18 and $2 for adults. Seating is limited, so please make reservations by calling JoAnn Bellon at 459-5211.