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ACI newspaper wins General Excellence from Idaho Press Club

2007. 05. 08.

CALDWELL – The Coyote, Albertson College of Idaho's student newspaper, was awarded first place for General Excellence at the annual Idaho Press Club awards on Saturday.

The Coyote, which has three regular staff members and relies mainly on student submissions, beat papers from much larger schools. BYU-Idaho's Scroll came in second place, The Arbiter (BSU) took third. An honorable mention was given to The Argonaut (University of Idaho).

"This is all pretty cool, considering we haven't even placed in the past several years and as far back as anyone can remember, we have never taken first place," The Coyote editor-in-chief Stephen Lowman said. "I'm pretty proud."

Comments from the judges, who are professional journalists from outside Idaho, included:

  • A delightful surprise, which reads more like an alt weekly than a college paper
  • The editor displays a "take no prisoners" attitude which is a refreshing change and shows a boldness I found most appealing.
  • The feature on road trips was priceless – I laughed out loud. Great job.

Lowman, an English major who graduates from CofI next month, also won several awards, including third place for watchdog/investigative reporting, third place for editorial writing and honorable mention for light feature.

The Coyote staff won third place for headline writing.