Preparation for Graduate Study

Interested in Graduate School?

Graduate study in psychology is not necessary to use the skills acquired during your time in residence at The College. For example, many College alumni who graduated with the Bachelors degree in psychology have successful careers in banking, managment, areas of finance such as mortage financing, run successful businesses, and work in areas like Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR). But if you came here you are likely interested in gradutate study. Very soon we will be adding a graduate school application handbook for all our majors. Watch these pages for that. Meanwhile there are some sites which would be immediately beneficial for all those considering applying.

Before looking outside the department, we strongly urge you to consult with your faculty. All of us have successfully negotiated the process and have shepherded numerous students through letters of recommendation, personal statements, the interview process and the panic of "Where do I even begin?!" We have all been in your position, in one way or another. It is true that you should likely approach the faculty member whose graduate training is most consistent with your interests. For example, Drs Minear and Shearon are the sources of infomation on experimental, cognitive, and biological research PhD programs. Likely Drs Thuerer and Haunold are going to be most helpful if you are applying in counseling psychology at the Masters or PhD level. Please keep in mind that you are going to need letters of recommendation from at least three of us so keep in constant contact with the other faculty as to your plans and NEVER hesitate to ask for advice when you are not sure of your next step.

Before beginning your application process: "Ask yourself these six questions!"

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The American Psychological Association is a repository of excellent advice.Here is their web-site for those considering or in the process of applying: Applying to Graduate School in Psychology.

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You will also find their pages on career advice and other aspects of the graduate experience helpful. These are available at the APA education web-site, specifically those pages related to Graduate Education

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One book that we think you should purchase is the book 'Graduate Study in Psychology'. This is updated every year and includes much helpful information. For example, it lists schools with Masters and PhD programs and provides helpful information including the average GPA and test scores for those admitted recently. It also provides contact information. Note that we do keep a copy on reserve in Tertling library but having your own copy for frequent reference is a very wise investment. (The book is available through, Amazon, and other booksellers).

Additional helpful resources (constantly updating so check back)

Here is a recommended book that we think you should consider investing in: Applying to Graduate School in Psychology: Advice From Successful Students and Prominent Psychologists

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A book we have found highly useful in our capstone course because it not only covers deciding what graduate programs to pursue and the application process but also how to succeed in graduate school. The book can serve as a guide throughout your graduate training and into your career. The book is titled Succeeding in graduate school: The career guide for psychology students.

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Check out the College Student’s Guide to Pre-Professional Psychology Opportunities, an online guidebook created to help students find the best internships, work-study programs and other pre-professional psychology experiences available.