Kathryn Albertson Scholarship Competition

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The annual Kathryn Albertson Scholarship Competition

This unique event awards several scholarships through the month of November in varying amounts.  Approximately 225 students compete for these scholarships each year.  Here’s how it works:

  • Select a day and time during the competition to visit campus
  • Select an academic area in which to compete (this should be something you are very good and interested in)
  • Show up on your selected day and time
  • Take a test or write an essay in your selected academic area (test type depends on academic category)
  • Interview with a professor in your area of competition
  • Visit a class
  • Tour our beautiful campus
  • Have lunch in our newly remodeled cafeteria (lunch is on us!)
  • Winners get $10,000, and runner-ups get $4,000.

Here are the requirements:

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