Science and Medicine

Dr. Mary Shorb '31

Co-discoverer of vitamin B-12

Dr. Ethan E. Bickelhaupt '74 - Leader in AIDS treatment and research.

Adam R. Contos '93 - Astronomer. Helped discover the ninth known planet outside our solar system with associates at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Ray Dunlap '39 - Inventor of the method for freezing french fries. Deceased.

Dr. Corwin Hinshaw '23 - International authority on tuberculosis.

Dr. Gary Hirai '67 - Head of Department of Physical Medicine, Longmont United Hospital, Longmont, Colorado.

Dr. Terry Jacobsen '72 - Assistant Director and Senior Research Scientist, Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, Carnegie Mellon University.

Milton Jewett '28 - Inventor of method for making sugar that is still used by C&H Sugar. Deceased.

Dr. Daniel C. Johnson '75 - Radiologist, Mayo Clinic.

Dr. Gerald Needham '40 - Microbiologist and Associate Dean, Mayo Clinic. Retired.

Dr. Laverne Philpott '25 - Key contributor to the development of radar and color television. Deceased.

Dr. Donald Reed '53 - Director, Oregon State University Environmental Health Science Center.

Dr. Mary Shorb '31 - Co-discoverer of vitamin B-12. Deceased.

Jerome C. Smith '25 - Co-designer of the car radio, radar systems for commercial airlines and low altitude radar altimeter.

Wendell V. Smith '33 - Proposed the Smith-Ewart theory in the development of the emulsion polymerization science and its technological impact on the commercial production of emulsion polymers, notably SBR and other styrene polymers. Smith published some of the first scientific papers in the field of Gel-permeation chromatography, with special emphasis on EPDM and polybutadiene.

Dr. Robert Steunenberg '47 - Former Senior Researcher and Chemist, Argonne National Laboratory. Deceased.

Louis B. Thomas '40 - Former Chief of Pathology, National Cancer Institute.

Dr. Louis B. Werner '40 - Isolator of curium and a member of the scientific team which isolated plutonium.

J. Robert Wolcott '43 - One of America's leading nuclear power experts.