Selenite: Victoria, Australia

When you look at this Selenite, you see a rock. Perhaps it's an object of interest because of the way the lines and curves intertwine, creating a crystalline beauty, or maybe it's as a piece of the puzzle of minerals demonstrating how the world came to be the way it is today. While it is a subject of both of these disciplines, selenite has more characteristics than meet the eye.

The mineral selenite intertwines characteristics beyond the first glance. Ranging from an industrial commodity to a means of spiritual healing, selenite embodies many different applications. It is most economically applied within the mining industry, both through the process of extraction and through its uses in construction. Selenite is one of a plethora of minerals helping scientists determine the origins of our planet. It is a derivative in crystalline form of another mineral, gypsum, which holds great importance in the industries of mining and construction. It is used as a collector’s gem or as jewelry in the most basic forms of commodity, and is utilized for its spiritual healing capacities in the more complex of forms.

Selenite is a demonstration of nature. It shows not only the origins of our planet and our mineral sphere, but also the depths of the mining industry and its innovations, the scientific evolution of elements, the complexity of mineralogy, the different uses of minerals as commodities in construction or otherwise, and as a means of spiritual connection to nature and healing.

By Annika Thomas

Selenite, a Demonstration of Nature