Student Involvement


MORE Program

Program Overview

The PEAK curriculum at The College of Idaho challenges students to embark on a self-designed and well-rounded educational experience. With one major and three minors spanning 4 academic areas, guided exploration allows scholars to climb higher and see farther into the liberal arts. 

This personal journey is boundless when students couple studies with robust co-curricular involvement. Beyond the walls of the classroom and in the community, getting involved in just one club, organization, or affinity group can be transformational and contribute to a student's success. Intersecting student involvement and academics creates learners and citizens that can do MORE.

Over the course of four years, involved students can enjoy and reflect upon the value of more meaningful experiences, develop more refined leadership and professional skills through occupational involvement, have more fun and let off steam with recreational offerings, and exit the college more prepared for a career or further academic pursuits by completing an experiential, high impact opportunity.

Students can track their involvement from day one of the First Year Experience by creating and maintaining a MORE Map. This tool allows students to record their Meaningful, Occupational, Recreational, and Experiential involvement as well as the roles they play. The MORE Map can demonstrate a student's progress from member to emerging leader and illustrate connections between the four involvement areas. MORE Maps are designed to grow with the student's involvement, and are easy to complete with the assistance of an Involvement Coach, a specially trained and highly involved student leader and peer. 

Get Involved - Start Here

  1. Meet with an Involvement Coach

  2. Join a club or organization

  3. Attend events that interest you

  • Involvement Coaches have regular hours, or you can request that someone contact you directly by clicking here

Recognition for Involvement

In order to be recognized for their involvement, students will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Meet at least once with an Involvement Coach.

  2. Participate in at least one distinct activity within each involvement area (Meaningful, Occupational, Recreational, and Experiential) to complete their Involvement Map over their four years at C of I. 

  3. Participate in at least one of the service opportunities provided by the MORE Program. Check the "Things To-Do" tab for service opportunities. 

  4. Request a co-curricular transcript from the Office of Student Involvement and submit a short essay to reflect on the value of connecting with various facets of campus and how that exploration could contribute to future self-awareness and/or leadership qualities.

Students who fulfill the above criteria will be recognized at the annual Awards Banquet and will receive graduation cords. Graduation stoles can be earned with a comprehensively completed map.