CEL for Students

The Center for Experiential Learning provides support for students by helping them pursue their career goals through guided development of professional portfolio materials and career exploration tools.

The CEL helps students find work studystudent wage, and internship positions. Students, please access Coyote Connections Live to apply for these positions. 



Join us for an opportunity to meet potential employers, gather information about companies, and practice networking. 



INTERNSHIP APPLICATIONS FOR fall 2017 are due September 6th, 2017

The CEL manages all internships for The College of Idaho.

To receive credit for an internship, you need to file the Internship Application with our office before the final add/drop date for the semester.  Internships need to be fully completed within the semester for which you are seeking credit.

If you are seeking credit for your internship a 1 credit internship is equivalent to 39 hours of work in the field, 2 credits in 78 hours, and 3 credits is 117 hours. 

To begin the application process, you need to stop by the CEL to discuss the internship.  NACE outlines the legal guidelines for all employers and is a good resource as you are beginning your internship search.

To secure an internship you are invited to search through the internships posted on Coyote Connections Live, or you can reach out to companies on your own.  If you are struggling to obtain an internship, please stop by our office as soon as possible and we can help you to make connections that may turn into a successful internship.  Your faculty are another great resource in finding potential hosts for internships!

Internships are your opportunity to get real work-world experience while also obtaining academic credit(s).  An internship can help solidify your career aspirations, open new doors, and show you different career paths that you had not previously considered. Come chat with a CEL staff member today!