Conference Schedule

The College of Idaho's 2015 Student Research Conference will take place Saturday, April 25. All sessions are open to the public.

Noon - Opening Remarks, Langroise Recital Hall

12:15 p.m. - Keynote Address: Travis Guy '06 "From Coyote to Gator: A circuitous Journey from Undergraduate to Graduate School."

1:00 p.m. - Oral Paper Sessions 1 and 2, Boone Hall 103 and 101

2:10 p.m. - Oral Paper Sessions 3 and 4, Boone Hall 103 and 101

3:20 p.m. - Senior Art Exhibition, Rosenthal Gallery of Art

4:30 p.m. - Poster and Display Session, Langroise Center 

5:00 p.m. - Reception and Prize Ceremony, Langroise Center

Oral Session 1 - Boone 103

1:00 - "A Survey of Graph Invariants: Cartesian-Prime Factorization," Blair Symington

1:15 - "American Evangelicalism and the Jews: An Obsession with the Second Coming of Christ," Hannah Parks

1:30 - "Perspective of a Shared God, a Jewish and Christian Understanding," Chelsea Frisbee

1:45 - "Stochastic Modeling of Turbulence," Seth Raver

Oral Session 2 - Boone 101

1:00 - "The Effect of Acute Bicarbonate Stacking on a 1 Hour Bike Time-Trial," Harry Zanks and Sydney Woods

1:15 - "Cartoon Innocence? Constructing a New Identity for Mexicans during the Mexican Revolution Through Cartooning," Madai Montes

1:30 - "Islamic Religion: A set of moral rules that are significant to achieve social justice in the individuals interactions toward themselves, their family and their community," Omar Aguero

1:45 - "Phylogenetic Analysis of Populations within the Lomatium grayi Clade (Apiaceae)," Lauren Polito

Oral Session 3 - Boone 103

2:10 - "The Prison Industrial Complex and the Role it Plays in the Political Economy of Post Racial America," Jo-wayne Josephs

2:25 - "An Exploration of the Impact of GLAD Strategies in a Single Classroom Case Study," Anna Denn

2:40 - "Calculation Real Food," Christina Stucker, Amy Beller, Chloe Brewer, Brooke Cederleaf, Isabel Palmer, and Shandee Tachick

2:55 - "Ammonia and HC7N Emission in Dense Cores," Tierra Candelaria

Oral Session 4 - Boone 101

2:10 - "U.S. Catholics and Pragmatism," Darrell Falconburg

2:25 - "The Roots of Shamanism: Altered States of Consciousness as Biological Mechanism for Healing," Shea Rodgers

2:40 - "Separation: An Analysis of the Jewish-Christian Schism at the Beginning of the Common Era," Levi Orr

Senior Art Exhibition - Rosenthal Gallery

3:20 to 4:20 - Featuring works by Sydney Donaldson, Nhung (Ali) Dang Ngoc, Ty Michael McCurdy, Shea Rodgers, Anna Sewell, Shaylyn Swanson, Miguel A. Robles Tapia

Poster & Display Session - Langroise Center

  • Effectiveness of Mindsight Children's Book - Eleanor Tansley

  • Population Genetics of Columbia River Redband Trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss gairdneri, in Dry Creek, Idaho - Sarah Walsh

  • Self-Control and Relationships - Amy Wolfe

  • Survey of Preferred Sexually Arousing Media - Austin Kirkham

  • Romantic Attraction: Are People Really as Shallow as We Think? - Anna Sewell, Courtney Zeff

  • Atmospheric Effects on a Semi-Arid Watershed - Shelby Elkins, Dawn Estrella, Dr. Sondra Miller

  • Does a 1.2 mile Swim Significantly affect the Absolute Metabolic Demand of a 50 mile Bike Trial? - Kristin Niemi, Jamilyn Fasth 

  • Mechanical Properties of Silicon Carbide Micro-Fibers - Alexander Wirtz

  • Is a Preference for Hierarchy Associated with Explicit Prejudice towards the Gothic Subculture? - Keri McCarthy

  • Sex and Personality - Stacey Kerr and Alexandra Knoblock 

  • Social Media at the College of Idaho - Allyson Sander

  • Morality & Ethics in Relation to the Trolley Problem - Kathryn Rowe

  • Group Identification and Test Scores - Maryam Karim 

  • Progress towards the Development of Novel MTN-specific Inhibitors to Interrupt Bacterial Signaling Processes - Jeffrey Leibman, Zachary Shenk

  • Purification of Potential Medicinal Compounds from Sagebrush - Deborah Conner 

  • I'm too Special to Falsely Confess - Jennifer Torres

  • The Role of Polyphenols of Artemisia nova and Artemisia wyomingensis in Sage Grouse Dietary Preferences - Andrew Nguyen 

  • The Language of Sex - Erin Moore 

  • Induction of Neurosphere Formation in the GL261 Cell Model System - Jamie Funk

  • Observations of Four Variable Stars in the Constellations Cepheus - Andrew Nguyen 

  • The Effects of Team Structures - Jacob Eldredge, Jonathan Fine

  • Sexual Harassment and Self Image - Marie Ristow, Brittany Davis 

  • Light Curve Analysis of Two Eclipsing-Binary Systems in the Gamma Cygni Nebula - Derek Tropf, Gary Parkinson

  • A Statistical Analysis of Classical Music - Miranda Tang, Frank Gigray, Sophia Nosworthy 

  • Morphological Analysis Reveals Novel Species of Lomatium in Adams County - Mckayla M. Stevens, Donald H. Mansfield, Lauren Polito 

  • Land Use and Southern Idaho Ground Squirrel Distribution - Simon Boycott

  • The Case of the Gravity Defying Slinky - Ruth Lewinski, Averey Strong 

  • The Effect of E-liquid on Human Osteoblast-like MG-63 Cell Viability - Maggie Brown 

  • Progress Towards the Development of Novel Late Transition State MTN-specific C-nucleoside Inhibitors - Lacey Wayment, Rainier Barrett 

  • College of Idaho Students’ Activity and Transportation to Downtown Caldwell - Allison Herrmann, Kelsey Stutheit, Jocelynn Garcia, Luis Gomez, David Hernandez 

  • 3D Printing in Chemistry - Samuel Bauer