Clubs & Organizations

Africans, Friends, Relatives & Others (AFRO Club)

To be a force to unite Africans, friends, relatives and other members of the community through information interchange, ground breaking seminars, workshops, and activities that will provide a forum for intellectual growth in terms of understanding black culture, history and heritage.

Contact: Wayne Sauramba

Arabic-Hebrew Club (AHC)

Contact: Rima Chahin

Art Club

Contact: Quin McLaughlin

Associated Students of The College of Idaho (ASCI)

The Associated Students of The College of Idaho (ASCI) is a collection of elected and appointed student government leaders who are responsible for managing the use of student fees, setting policy, providing the framework for a variety of experiential learning opportunities, and serves as a vehicle for student involvement in the governance of the college. To learn more, visit

Contact: Chanse Ward

Association of Latin American Students (ALAS)

* To incorporate a mentoring program in order to mentor incoming members through their first couple of years of college. * To bring together resources on language, culture, and travel (magazines, newspapers, music, and entertainment, travel, brochures, film, slides, etc.). * To become an informative center, exchanging information between the students of this college and the outside community on Hispanic matters. * To raise funds for activities and to participate in cultural events related to Hispanic culture on campus and off campus.

Contact: Ivan Esparza

Attebery-Boles Society

Contact: Austin Kirkham

Blood Drive Committee

Contact: Hannah Dixon

Boxing Club

The C of I Boxing Club provides students with the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of boxing while enhancing their physical fitness, self confidence, self-discipline and pride. With the multi-cultural and ethnic makeup of the college community, the program also offers numerous opportunities for cross cultural interaction as well as team building. Member can gain, too, a sense of well being, recognition and self-responsibility.

Contact: Shandee Tachick


Cabaret, on the surface, is an improv based comedy group to entertain the student body. Cabaret seeks to offer students the opportunity for artistic expression through performance mediums, and will provide it to any student who shows interest and commitment to the group, the campus community, and to comedy as a whole.

Contact: Kaatherine Lizerraga


Contact: Paloma Magana

Circle K International (CKI)

Contact: Tran Tran

College Diabetes Network

Contact: Sarah Litman

Coyote Uglies

Contact: Austin Kirkham

Dance Club

The C of I Dance Club exists for those who love dancing or want to start dancing to come together and choreograph dances, learn dances, and perform dances in a welcoming and encouraging environment.

Contact: Isabel Palmer

Davis (UWC) Club

The UWC Davis Scholars Club aims to create a community within C of I that raises social and political awareness through academic and service oriented activities. We aim to use our education as a force to integrate, embrace and celebrate diversity into and at the C of I community in a peaceful and sustainable manner.

Contact: Rima Chahin

Delta Tau Delta

Committed to lives of excellence.

Contact: Dalton Montgomery

Delta Tau Delta

Contact: Levi Orr


This organization will serve to perform for the pleasure and enjoyment of the C of I community.

Contact: Dallin Kroon


The mission of this organization shall be to provide members the best opportunity to make a difference and develop leadership, teamwork and communication skills through learning, practicing and teaching the principles of free enterprise.

Contact: Hunter Brodt

Film Society

This organization will serve to inform the student body of old and new movies. We will promote awareness of new movies that are coming out and appreciate older movies.

Contact: Hannah Parks

Firearms Education Development (FED)

Contact: Weston Dockstader

Food Bank

The C of I Food Bank is a volunteer-based service organization dedicated to the community and the college. Our purpose is two-fold: to provide a service for families in need in the Treasure Valley and to reduce waste in our school's cafeteria. We aim to improve the outreach of the school and the student body's involvement with issues of hunger and food usage in Idaho.

Contact: Hannah Dixon

Gamma Phi Beta

To develop the highest type of womanhood through education, social life, and service to country and humanity.

Contact: Kristen Edwards

Gender-Sexuality Campus Alliance (GSCA)

The Gender-Sexuality Campus Alliance is a group that seeks to foster a deeper sense of diversity on the College of Idaho campus. It is important for students to develop an understanding of their peers, and the issues that affect them in society. The GSCA is an organization that seeks to reach out to the straight community in the hopes of creating a sense of acceptance and tolerance. This is a club that celebrates diversity and, as such, all are welcome.

Contact: Marisol Cervantes

Greek Council

The purpose of Greek Council is to strengthen Greek relations, improve community, and provide a device to member organizations to secure their place as leaders of the college community.

Contact: Alex Nunez

Greek Council

Contact: Stearne Briem

History Club

The College of Idaho's History Club seeks to promote an active interest in the discipline and knowledge of history in the student body and campus community.

Contact: Alexandria Flemmer-Hudson

Indoor Soccer

To promote multicultural interaction through soccer.

Contact: Ferdinand Nyabenda

Interfaith Club

Contact: Rima Chahin

International Student Organization (ISO)

The purpose of ISO is: * To have international students meet regularly. Students, invited friends, and guests are encouraged to come share their ideas and cultures. * To hold events such as The Cultural Show and Food Fest as vehicles to enhance the communities awareness of the lavishly diverse cultures on campus. * To bring together resources that will allow the exchange of cultures and ideas. * To become the information hub and support system for all international students registered on campus. * To raise funds for activities and to participate in cultural events and engage with other members of the campus community for a positively priceless college experience.

Contact: Moha Mudaqiq

Just Dance Ballroom Club

The purpose of this club is to teach those who want to learn how to do basic ballroom dance steps.

Contact: Adrianna Lambregts

Kappa Alpha Theta

Contact: Corissa Allen

Kappa Kappa Gamma

The purpose of this Fraternity shall be to unite women, through membership, in a close bond of friendship, seeking to instill in them a spirit of mutual love and helpfulness, to the end that each member and the Fraternity-at-large may attain social, moral and intellectual excellence.

Contact: Sarah Hazen

Kappa Kappa Gamma (KKG)

Contact: Sarah Hazen

Kappa Sigma

Contact: Cameron Arnzen

League of Legends Club (LoL)

Contact: Anna Chase

Math Club

This organization will serve as a place for all students interested in mathematics to come together to celebrate and investigate the subject.

Contact: Johanna Mori

Men's Lacrosse

Through individual and team growth, Men's Lacrosse aims to strengthen its program each year. Individuals, who are expected to attend scheduled practices, will develop skills in lacrosse, a commitment to the team, and a passion for the sport. We aim to accomplish these goals through strong student leadership and encouraged team involvement.

Contact: Kolton Shields

Mountain Bike Club

Contact: Yaroslav Yaroshchuk

Nintendo Club

This organization will serve as a place to enjoy all games provided by Nintendo with The College of Idaho community, with a stronger focus on newly released games. It will serve as a place for all of the campus community to come play games of the various series while also promoting campus involvement and engagement.

Contact: Valerio (Alex) Nunez

Omicron Delta Kappa

The Society is a leadership honor society with a threefold purpose: (1) To recognize individuals who have attained a high standard of leadership in collegiate and/or community activities and to encourage them to aspire to higher achievements; (2) To bring together the most representative individuals in all phases of collegiate life and, thus, to create an organization which will help to mold the sentiment of the institution on questions of local and intercollegiate interest; (3) To bring together members of the faculty and student body of the institution, as well as other Society members, on a basis of mutual interest, understanding, and helpfulness.

Contact: Hannah Dixon

Panhellenic Council

The object of the Panhellenic Association shall be to develop and maintain women's fraternity life and interfraternity relations at a high level of accomplishment and in so doing to: - Consider the goals and ideals of member groups as continually applicable to campus and personal life. - Promote superior scholarship and basic intellectual development. - Cooperate with member women's fraternities and the university/college administration in concern for and maintenance of high social and moral standards. - Act in accordance with National Panhellenic Conference (NPC Unanimous Agreements, resolutions and policies. - Act in accordance with such rules established by the Panhellenic Council as to not violate the sovereignty, rights and privileges of member women's fraternities.

Contact: Hannah Beidenbach

Polynesian Club

Contact: Diermo Clarke

Potter's Clay

Potter's Clay is distinctly student focused, non-sectarian, multi-denominational (Protestant and Catholic) Christian in orientation, although all registered students of The College of Idaho, and alumni, family and friends of the college may also participate in Potter's Clay activities, regardless of race, creed, color, national origin, religion, sex or handicap.

Contact: Zoe Roberts

Pre-Law Club

To inform and educate students about different aspects of the legal system and law. As a student club of The College of Idaho community, the Pre-Law Club aims to provide relevant activities and events for its members and the College community.

Contact: Alex Thomas

Psi Chi

This organization or society will serve to foster awareness for psychological study and research. We will provide a link between students and the research opportunities on campus. Our goal is to become more involved and active within our varied interests in psychology. It will also be the mission of Psychology Club to provide programming related to the academic and scientific field of psychology to The College of Idaho student body.

Contact: Patrick Mallory

Psychology Club

Contact: Chloe Brewer

RPG Club

The College of Idaho RPG Club exists to serve those who enjoy playing tabletop RPGs and similar games by helping players connect with gaming groups on campus, we well as setting up club-wide games, offering GM training sessions, and, ideally, providing access to otherwise unavailable source materials for player use.

Contact: Skyler Hopkins

Rugby Club

To have students interested in the sport of Rugby meet regularly, train and play competitively against other Rugby clubs. All students are welcome to join the team.

Contact: Kyle Evans

Scarlet Masque

Contact: Hailee Lenhart-Wees

Scarlet Masque Theatre Club

The Scarlet Masque organization will serve to foster independent exploration and development in the area of theatre arts. This can include but is not limited to: performances of one-act plays, original works, one-person showcases, Senior Projects, improvisation events, etc.

Contact: Hailee Lenhart Wees

Sigma Chi

Contact: Chanse Ward

Sigma Epsilon (SE)

The purpose of Sigma Epsilon Sorority is to promote friendship and sisterhood, strength of character, academic excellence, clean sportsmanship in all college activities, social activities, and health, both moral and physical.

Contact: Vanessa Almaraz

Smash Club

Contact: Tyler Sharp

Snow Sports Club

This organization will serve to provide an opportunity for student/athletes to participate and compete in intercollegiate and non-collegiate sanctioned cross country skiing, free skiing, and snowboard events.

Contact: Micaela Martin

Society of Biomedical Sciences

This society will serve to foster an awareness and debate the ongoing issues in the medical field to all interested students. This society will expose students to scientific articles regarding the most recent biomedical issues and conduct a discussion regarding the methods, discussion, and conclusion sections. By conducting these discussions, The College of Idaho - Society of Biomedical Sciences hopes to develop critical thinking skills in students regarding real world issues and hopefully help them to develop a well-rounded opinion about them.

Contact: Joao Barros

Spanish Club

The College of Idaho's Spanish Club provides students with the opportunity to immerse into the Spanish/Latin American culture and language outside of the classroom setting. Students can utilize the club as a resource to enrich their communication skills in the language.

Contact: Jocelyn Elvira

Students for Life

Members of College of Idaho Students for Life work to educate and save lives through promoting a deeper respect for human life. In furtherance of these goals, members seek to promote respect for life at The College of Idaho and in the surrounding community, to educate and help those in need obtain resources affirming the choice of life, and to work with others who share common goals.

Contact: Claressa Moore

Tabletop Role Playing Game Club

Contact: Skyler Hopkins

The Environmental Resource and Recreation Association (TERRA)

We focus on educating the campus about environmental issues through campus-wide events and programs. Through a proactive, hands-on approach, TERRA also works to raise awareness to incrementally changes practices and to promote a greener present and future.

Contact: Amy Beller

Women's Lacrosse

Contact: Christine Pantiledes

Young Democrats

(1) To introduce, develop, and inculcate in young people an active interest in governmental affairs and the electoral process; (2) Foster and promote the philosophies, principles and goals of the Democratic Party; (3) Develop leadership skills in our members; (4) Involve ourselves in programs to improve voter education and participation and contribute to the well-being of The College of Idaho community at large; (5) Provide all students and citizens the highest degree of justice and social welfare.

Contact: Dalton Warr