Activities and Events

The College will only officially recognize student organization events that are fully registered. The following general criteria must be met to register an event:

  • An Event Registration Form needs to be completely filled out and submitted to the Student Involvement Director (or designee) at least two weeks in advance for all student-sponsored events (forms can be obtained from the Student Involvement Office).
  • The Special Events Coordinator should be contacted at least two weeks prior to the event in order to reserve the necessary facilities and equipment (part of the Event Registration form).
  • Additional clearances and/or a CAAG, (Campus Activities Advisory Group meeting) may be required for events where alcohol is served (see Registered Event Where Alcohol is Served), events that utilize any fire pit on campus (see Fire Pit), fundraisers and raffles (see Fiscal Policies and Spending Guidelines), outdoor events, off-campus events and events open to the general public. For questions regarding any of these situations, see the Student Involvement Director.
  • CAAG meetings are scheduled by special arrangement. CAAG meetings are composed of representatives of Student Involvement, Campus Safety, Maintenance and Operations, Special Events and Conference Services, and Bon Appetit (food service). The purpose of the CAAG meetings is to facilitate effective student programming by providing a forum for effective problem solving, technical support, advising on campus policy or safety issues, and ensuring necessary authorizations.
  • Any event or activity that is not registered may not be advertised on campus or through campus email.

Further details regarding "Registered Campus Events" can be obtained from the Student Involvement staff. Registering Event Where Alcohol is Served - The college believes that alcohol should not be the primary focus of any campus event. Alcohol is an ancillary aspect that may be provided at campus events in accordance with campus policies and applicable laws. To host an event where alcohol is served, the sponsoring organization must:

  1. File an Event Registration Form and an Alcohol Clearance Form with the Student Involvement Office at least one month prior to the event.
  2. Schedule and attend a Campus Activities Advisory Group (CAAG) meeting at least two weeks prior to the event (see Event Planning and Registration). The Student Involvement Director will help with scheduling.
  3. Complete an Alcohol Event Summary Report within one working day following the event.
  4. Student fees may not be used to purchase any type of alcohol.
  5. See the Alcohol Policy for more information concerning having alcohol at an event.

Canyon County ordinance requires the purchase of a “site license” to sponsor an event where alcohol is served. Food service will not purchase a site license until after the CAAG meeting has occurred. Because of risk management concerns, only licensed and insured vendors may serve alcohol at student-sponsored functions. Bon Appetit will be the alcohol provider for all on campus events. The following facilities may be approved for a “Registered Campus Event” where alcohol is served with the permission of the Student Involvement Director and Campus Safety Director in accordance with established guidelines:

  • McCain Center
  • Simplot Dining Commons
  • Blatchley Hall
  • other areas as may be deemed appropriate

Specific Information on guidelines or forms for campus events where alcohol is served is available in the Student Involvement Office.

Fire Pit Use

To ensure safety and the responsible use of any campus fire pit, the College has established policies and procedures pertaining to its use. Recognized student organizations interested in using a campus fire pit for an event must complete an Event Registration Form no less than two weeks prior to the event and complete the Fire Permit form which can be obtained from the Student Involvement Office. A meeting with the Campus Activities Advisory Group (CAAG) may also be required. Be it known the city of Caldwell mandates that a fire permit be obtained. One-time burn permits may be obtained from the Student Involvement Office.