Criminal Record Disclosure

The College of Idaho requires full disclosure of criminal offenses from its applicants.  Once disclosure has been made, the Admission Committee will review the applicant’s circumstances on a case-by-case basis.  If accepted, applicants with a criminal history must agree to the following:

  • Full disclosure of the incident(s) and release of information to the Dean of Students.  The Dean of Students may share this information with other appropriate College departments.
  • An agreement with the Dean of Students articulating the relationship between the College and the student.
  • On-campus housing will be allowed at the discretion of the College.
  • The College has the right to dictate the student’s participation in courses, on and off-campus school-related activities, and use of campus resources.

If a student is accepted and/or matriculated and is then discovered to have a criminal history, that students circumstances will be reviewed by the Admissions committee and the Dean of Students.  The committee and Dean of Students will make a decision about that student’s acceptance retroactively.  Not disclosing information about criminal history may be cause for immediate dismissal from the College.