Delinquent Student Accounts

Delinquent Student Accounts Policy

Payment arrangements must be made during orientation for incoming students or prior to due dates referenced in The College of Idaho (C of I) catalog. Students having problems meeting their financial obligations to the College should address their questions and concerns with a student accounts representative in the Business Office.

The following measures will be taken to address delinquent financial obligations:

  • Students with delinquent accounts will be contacted by the Business Office.  Failure to respond to the notification in the specified timeframe may result in withdrawal from classes.  Alternative payment arrangements must be made before a student is allowed to continue attending classes.
  • Students who do not comply with alternative payment arrangements may be withdrawn from classes and re-enrollment is subject to the approval of the Delinquent Student Accounts Committee.
  • Students with outstanding account balances will not be allowed to register for the next term until all balances are paid in full.  Transcripts, grades and diplomas will not be released until all balances are paid in full.  Students with outstanding balances will not be allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies.

All delinquent accounts will accrue interest at an annual rate of 12%.

The charge for returned funds is $30.00.

Students will pay all attorneys' fees, collection costs and other charges necessary for the collection of any monies owed to C of I.