Engaging in, or inciting others to engage in conduct which interferes with or disrupts a college function, or which prevents or limits the free expression of ideas by others, or which physically obstructs or restrains other members of the college community or visitors is prohibited.

The integrity of The College of Idaho’s academic program depends on maintaining total respect for the principle of free and responsible academic and creative expression. Should visitors to the campus encounter pictures, sculptures, poetry readings, theatre rehearsals, student organization activities or any other form of creative or academic expression they find unsettling, we request that they refrain from attempts at, or calls for, censorship. Conference Services, Campus Safety, and the Administrative staff have neither the obligation nor the authority to remove or cover up images, nor to suspend performances that are integral to any bona fide academic endeavor, or the result of the legitimate activity of any registered student organization. Such matters come under the purview of the teaching faculty, student organization officers and advisors. Groups using the college’s facilities, especially those serving the interests of minors, must understand that while our commitment to this principle is never intended to offend, we may not relinquish this commitment because the manner in which we exercise it might upset, or conflict with the moral or religious convictions of visitors.

A student organization may not publicize any program in any way before the program has been officially approved and confirmed through the Student Involvement Office. Recognized student organizations may post flyers in campus buildings on designated bulletin boards with permission of staff in that building. To post in residence halls, permission must be granted by an appropriate staff member.

Posters may not be placed on directional signs or outdoor campus maps.

Posters must be in good taste and can neither discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, color, national origin, age, disability or marital status, nor promote inappropriate behavior. Alcohol may only be advertised on posters or any other form of advertisement for officially recognized college events when approved by the Dean of Students or designee. Posters that violate these guidelines will be removed at the organization's expense. Chalk may be used, but must be limited to sidewalks around the McCain Student Center. For more information, contact the Student Involvement Office.

Recommended information to be prominently displayed on all forms of publicity:

  • The full name of the organization and "The College of Idaho", "C of I", or "The College of Idaho"
  • The title and nature of the program
  • Date, time, and place of the program
  • Admission criteria, such as ticket price, college ID required, etc.
  • Rain dates and refund policy, if applicable
  • Number to contact to request special services/accommodations when possible.

As a private institution, the College of Idaho recognizes its ability to regulate the speech and behavior of all those invited into our campus community and onto our campus. More importantly to our residential, liberal arts educational mission to prepare students to lead productive and fulfilling lives is the value we place on free expression. Within reasonable safeguards to protect against hate speech and to ensure the continued operation of College operations, the College maintains the right of those within the College community to express their thoughts and perspectives regardless of how those messages may be perceived by others. 

  • All organized student events must adhere to the College’s established event registration process and all other campus policies and procedures.
  • Events must adhere to all local ordinances, and state/federal laws.
  • Events may not last more than 24 hours unless granted special permission through the events registration process.
  • No event may block entryways or exits of any classroom, office, or building.