Motor Vehicles/Parking


The purpose of this policy is to establish the regulations governing the granting of permission to park vehicles on campus and the enforcement of parking regulations for the benefit of the entire College of Idaho community. 

Policy Statement

Parking a vehicle on the College campus is a privilege granted by the College.  The College may amend these rules and regulations at any time. Any person who parks a vehicle on the campus agrees to abide by the rules and regulations contained in this Parking Policy. The information gathered in the vehicle registration process is for the purpose of administering the Parking Policy and may be used, at the College’s discretion, for other College management purposes including location of the vehicle owner in the event of an emergency. Failure to abide by the rules and regulations contained in this Policy may result in the imposition of fines, impoundment of the vehicle, towing and storage of the vehicle at the owner’s expense, disposition of an abandoned vehicle, or any combination of these repercussions.

Current Students Faculty and Staff Parking Permits

All student, faculty and staff motor vehicles parked on college property must display a current College of Idaho parking permit. Current students, faculty and staff can register their vehicle with Campus Safety to obtain a parking permit.

Handicapped Parking

Marked handicapped spaces are available in each parking lot. Temporary handicapped parking permits for college spaces are available from the Campus Safety Office. Vehicles parked in a handicapped space without a valid State or College issued permit will result in a citation being issued and may be towed at the owner’s expense

Resident Hall Parking Lots

The College maintains parking lots near each residence hall that are reserved for students who have purchased a residential parking permit for the corresponding residence hall of which they reside. The fee for a residential permit is $105.00 per academic school year and they are made available based on seniority of class standing. Residential permits are limited to the number of spaces available. Vehicles with current residential permits can also be parked in the general lots.

General Parking Lots

General parking lots are located next to the JA & Kathryn Albertson Activity Center, the McCain Student Center and Jewett Auditorium. All students, faculty and staff may park in any of the general parking lots.  The fee for student general permits is $80.00 per academic school year. The parking fee is not pro-rated and is subject to change each year. Parking permits for faculty and staff are provided free of charge by the college and are obtained from Campus Safety.

Failure to properly display a current parking permit, or violations of parking regulations, will result in a citation and/or the vehicle being towed at the owner's expense. Students, staff and faculty who park in visitor sections of the General lots will be subject to citation. When a parking citation is issued against a vehicle, the fine shall be paid by the person who is the registered holder of the campus parking permit or by the registered owner of the vehicle if the vehicle is not registered with the college. The loaning of a vehicle does not relieve the registered owner/operator of the responsibility to comply with College of Idaho parking regulations.

Parking citations may be paid at the Campus Safety office. Unpaid parking citations may result in holds placed upon registration, graduation, transcript requests and other college related services. Outstanding balances may also be billed through a collections agency. Parking citations may be appealed if submitted to Campus Safety within 5 working days. Appeals are adjudicated by an appeals committee and their decision is final.

Visitors and Temporary Permits

Visitors are always welcome to our campus, and should park in the Visitor sections of the General parking lots. There are also specifically marked parking spaces in the Hayman Parking Lot for visitors to the Admissions Office, and in the Simplot Parking Lot for visitors to the library. . Visitors who received parking citations in error or during large scheduled events should contact their College host or Campus Safety at 459-5151. Hosts should forward citations needing to be voided to Campus Safety with a short explanatory note.

Temporary, short term parking permits are issued on a case-by-case basis and can be obtained   from Campus Safety for those times when, for example, your registered vehicle is temporarily out of commission, parents are visiting, etc.

Parking Enforcement

Parking permits serve as permission to park in designated parking lots and are not a guarantee of a parking space. Lack of a readily available designated parking space is not an excuse for violation of any parking regulation. Vehicles should only be parked in assigned parking lots and spaces.

  • Violators of parking regulations will be subject to $25.00 fine for each offense. Vehicles with no parking permit or unauthorized placement of parking permit will be subject to $25.00 fine.  Handicapped parking violations are $100.
  • Permits must be displayed clearly on the lower left rear window or the left rear bumper of the vehicle.
  • When parking, make sure your vehicle is in a marked space.
  • Red Curbs and fire lines are for emergency vehicles. Blocking these areas will result in citation and possible towing. If your vehicle is missing call Campus Safety at 459-5151. Parking permits are the property of The College of Idaho. Resale and/or transfer of permits are prohibited.
  • Use or possession of lost/stolen permits may result in fine, impoundment and judicial action.

LOCK YOUR VEHICLE. Keep all valuables locked and out of sight. While Campus Safety actively patrols parking lots, The College of Idaho is not responsible for loss or damage of vehicle or any contents left in the vehicle. All such risks are being assumed by permit holder. Only a license to park is granted.

Ten Ways to Avoid Parking Citations

  1. Obtain a current C of I parking permit.
  2. Properly display your C of I parking permit. Follow the directions, which accompany your parking permit. Permits may not be transferred between different vehicles or people.
  3. Obtain a temporary parking permit even if you have a vehicle for a short period of time.
  4. Remember, by parking in a college lot you are agreeing that you have read the signs posted for that lot. Be aware that some parking areas are designated for specific purposes, individuals, or times, and your permit will limit which lots you may park in.
  5. Unless you have the proper state-issued permit, NEVER park in a space reserved for the handicapped. Doing so makes you eligible for a $100.00 fine from Campus Safety. The Caldwell City Police department also tickets these spots.
  6. If your vehicle breaks down and is illegally parked, immediately contact Campus Safety day or night and inform them of the situation.
  7. If you lend your vehicle out, make sure the user knows The College of Idaho's parking regulations. You will be held responsible for all parking and driving violations issued to your vehicle.
  8. Do not drive on pathways except with pre-approval from Campus Safety or other appropriate personnel.
  9. Follow all Idaho driving codes and posted signs. Please report all accidents to Campus Safety.
  10. Take time to read the complete parking/driving regulations found on this page, and if in doubt call Campus Safety at 459-5151.

Failure to follow these rules may result in fines. Not knowing the rules is not a legitimate excuse.