Weapons Policy

The College of Idaho regulates the possession and use of firearms and explosives on the campus and prohibits the possession of firearms and explosives on or in campus owned property.  This policy includes any device which can expel a projectile, other dangerous weapons including knives, explosives, ammunition, fireworks, or other items which, in their intended use, are capable of inflicting serious injury.  Because these items pose a clear risk to persons and property on The C of I campus, violation of the regulations may result in administrative action from the college or prosecution under the appropriate city, state, or federal law.

  • No student shall be permitted to carry firearms or other weapons, concealed or not concealed, with or without a concealed weapons permit, while upon properties owned or controlled by the college without permission from the Director of Campus Safety.     
  • A student residing in an on-campus residence area who wishes to bring a hunting or target weapon with him/her to school should check it in with The C of I Campus Safety Department immediately upon arriving at school and may check it out just prior to use.  AT NO TIME SHALL A WEAPON OR FIREARM BE IN ANY COLLEGE OWNED OR OPERATED HOUSING UNIT.     
  • Weapons stored in vehicles located on campus property must be located in the trunk of the vehicle or behind the seat of the pickup.      
  • Firearms storage facilities are available at the Campus Safety office located in Hendren Hall near the Student Services Entrance.  Residents must complete a firearms storage request form (forms may be picked up at the Campus Safety office) prior to storing any weapon inside the Department of Campus Safety storage facility.  Weapons, ammunition, and/or any other types of explosive material are strictly forbidden inside campus owned housing units.     
  • The College of Idaho Department of Campus Safety reserves the right to refuse to relinquish any firearm to an individual if, at the time of pick up, the individual is under the influence of any drug or intoxicating substance, or if the officer believes the individual's judgment to be impaired to the extent that the person may pose a threat to himself/herself or others.  The Campus Safety Department is not responsible for items damaged or lost.     


  • Events, demonstrations, classes, or other activities sponsored by, or authorized by The College of Idaho when authorized by the Director of Campus Safety, in strict accordance with existing regulations. At no time may the weapons be inside campus owned or operated housing units.
  • Any law enforcement officer of the State of Idaho or of a federal law enforcement agency.