What if I lose my ID card?

If you lose your ID card, you will be required to pay $20 to have it replaced. If you have meal service, report a lost card to Bon Appetit and the Business Office. Once reported, the first card will be canceled. ID cards are issued through the Campus Safety office located in Hendren Hall.

How can I get someone's campus telephone number?

Student phone numbers are not considered public information. Faculty and staff phone numbers and other contact information can be found on the College of Idaho Employee Directory.

Where do my student fees go?

All full-time undergraduate students pay $186.96 in Associated Student fees per semester. The ASCI Student Senate has established budgeting procedures to allocate this money for student interests. Funds are dispersed to student organizations and clubs for all-campus activities such as dances, outings, speakers, leadership retreats and services.

Student Fee Breakdown
Caldwell Fine Arts$3.00
Outdoor Recreation Department$13.73
Program Council$45.00
Tech Committee$9.95
Special Projects$13.89
Co-Curricular Activities$2.22
Athletic Department$5.00
High Impact Practices Grant$3.00

If you would like to have a say in how ASCI funds are allocated, contact a student senator. If you really want to get involved in the  money allocation process, consider becoming a senator.

What does the College Seal signify?

Rev. William Judson Boone, the founder and first president of the college, used an inscription discovered by a centurion on the walls of the catacombs under the city of Rome and made it a part of the official seal of the college. The message scholars have ascribed to it is, "Oh Lord, be to me my Savior, my King, my Law, my Light, my Leader." Translated, the Latin words stand for:

  • LUX = light
  • DUX = leader
  • LEX = law
  • REX = king

Dr. Boone illustrated each with representations of the sun for light, a flag and sword for leader, a book for law, and a crown and scepter for king.

How do I make telephone calls?
  • From an on-campus number to an on-campus number, dial the four-digit extension only. Do not use the 459 prefix as this ties up an entire trunk line and limits in-coming calls. Example: To reach the Student Affairs Office (459-5150) from on-campus, dial 5150.
  • For local calls, dial 9 (for an outside line) + number.
  • For an emergency call dial 9-911.
  • For toll-free (800) calls dial 9 + 1 + 800 + number.
  • Personal long-distance calls require calling collect or using a calling card.
What is my mailing address?
The College of Idaho
2112 Cleveland Blvd.
Caldwell, ID 83605
What is my email address?

Example: [email protected]