Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I lose my ID card?
  • How can I get someone's campus telephone number?
  • Where do my student fees go?
  • What do I do if I have a grievance?
  • What does the College Seal signify?
  • How do I make telephone calls?
  • What is my mailing address?
  • What is my email address?

What if I lose my ID card?

If you lose your ID card, you will be required to pay $25 to have it replaced. If you have meal service, report a lost card to Bon Appetit and the Business Office. Once reported, the first card will be canceled. ID cards are issued through the Campus Safety office located in Hendren Hall.

How can I get someone's campus telephone number?

Student phone numbers are not considered public information.  Faculty and staff numbers are located on the home page.  Click on the "Directories" link at the bottom of the page. Some people wish to keep their telephone number and other directory information confidential. If you wish to have this information withheld, see the procedure in the Student Records Policy in the Student Handbook.

Where do my student fees go?

All full-time undergraduate students pay $187.50 in Associated Student  fees per semester. The ASCI Student Senate has established budgeting procedures to  allocate this money for student interests. Funds are dispersed to  student organizations and clubs for all-campus activities such as  dances, outings, speakers, leadership retreats and services.

  • $53.46: The general ASCI fund, which is  controlled by the Executive Council and Senate. These funds are used to support all student clubs and organizations, as well as campus-wide  programs and activities.
  • $3.00: Support of Caldwell  Fine Arts, a community organization based on campus that brings in a  variety of musical, artistic and unique performing arts groups to the  Caldwell community and C of I.
  • $13.50: Production of the Coyote, the student-run campus newspaper.
  • $3.00: Intramural activities, supplies and the planning of  events, which range from flag football to volleyball to ultimate  Frisbee.
  • $2.00:  Mainstage Productions, the production company that supports all productions by the C of I theater department.
  • $6.75: Outdoor Program, which is responsible for planning and organizing outdoor-related activities for students.
  • $45.00: Program Council, which funds student activities, such as BBQ's,  movies, dances, speakers, entertainment and all other campus-wide  activities, usually of a social nature.
  • $10.01: Student Union Building (SUB) Committee, which is specifically  responsible for student programs and the atmosphere in the McCain  Student Center.
  • $11.95: Technology Committee,  which is responsible for supporting and coordinating all  technology-related efforts that relate to students.
  • $24.44: Trail, the campus yearbook. This fee includes the price of  the yearbook, along with production cost support.
  • $14.39: Special Projects

If you would like to have a say in how ASCI funds are allocated, contact a student senator. If you really want to get involved in the  money allocation process, consider becoming a senator.

What do I do if I have a grievance?

There are several avenues to take depending on the nature of the grievance.

  • First, deal with the problem at the appropriate level, e.g.  If you  have a conflict with your roommate, talk to him/her first. If you have  a problem getting information or assistance from a department, ask to  speak to the department manager.
  • If you have a general complaint about the college, determine  who has jurisdiction over the area and make an appointment to see him  or her.
  • Follow your discussion with a written letter describing your  understanding of what took place and any agreements reached. Keep a  copy for your own record.
  • If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your meeting or  consequent decisions, you might take your concern to the next level, e.g. a supervisor.
  • The full grievance process for academic matters is: faculty  member, department chairman, VPAA, President, Board of Trustees. A  residence hall conflict might follow this path: Resident Assistant,  Student Hall Director, Hall Director, Director of Residence Life, Dean of Students, President.
  • For Title IX related issues, contact the Title IX coordinator, Reagan Rossi.
  • If you don't know where to start with a concern, consult  with a member of the faculty or staff whom you know, but  is removed from  the situation.
  • If you have questions or concerns about food service contact Bon Appetit, drop a suggestion in one of the boxes  located in the dining hall and the Snack Bar, or contact the Dean of  Student Affairs. Bon Appetit, which works with a food committee of  student representatives, welcomes suggestions and comments.
  • If you have a concern you want to share with the campus, The  Coyote will publish letters to the editor according to their editorial  policy.
  • If the issue concerns harassment, please refer to the College's Harassment policy,

What does the College Seal signify?

Rev. William Judson Boone, the founder and first president of the college,  used an inscription discovered by a centurion on the walls of the  catacombs under the city of Rome and made it a part of the official  seal of the college. The message scholars have  ascribed to it is, "Oh Lord, be to me my Savior, my King, my Law, my  Light, my Leader." Translated, the Latin words stand for:

  • LUX = light
  • DUX = leader
  • LEX = law
  • REX = king

Dr. Boone illustrated each with representations of the sun for  light, a flag and sword for leader, a book for law, and a crown and  scepter for king.

How do I make telephone calls?

  • From an on-campus number to an on-campus number, dial the  four-digit extension only. Do not use the 459 prefix as this ties up an  entire trunk line and limits in-coming calls.     Example: To reach the Student Affairs Office (459-5150) from on-campus, dial 5150.
  • For local calls, dial 9 (for an outside line) + number.
  • For an emergency call dial 9-911.
  • For toll-free (800) calls dial 9 + 1 + 800 + number.
  • Personal long-distance calls require calling collect or using a calling card.

What is my mailing address?

      The College of Idaho - 2112 Cleveland Blvd. - Caldwell, ID 83605

What is my email address?

      Example:   [email protected]