Cancellation of College housing

    • After Room Draw (housing selection) for continuing students and once occupancy has begun for new students, a resident cannot cancel the agreement and resultant financial obligations without a financial penalty. A student may request an early termination by filing a Non-Academic Petition. Approval of a petition is granted only in extenuating circumstances (e.g. graduation from the College, leave of absence, or withdrawal from the College). If the petition is denied and the student moves out (once occupancy has begun), or does not move into campus housing (before occupancy has begun) the student may be financially responsible for the entire cost of the room. If a student is approved to cancel their housing, the fees for that room will be refunded on the schedule found in the catalog.
    • The cancellation day is the date the student properly checks out. Students will be charged until they have checked out with a staff member and returned their keys.
    • Returning students are charged a $300 room cancellation fee for terminating their agreement after Room Draw but prior to occupancy.
    • Any student suspended or expelled from College housing as a result of disciplinary action is financially responsible for the remaining balance of the residence agreement.
    • The College has the right, using established procedures, to suspend, withdraw or change accommodations, guest privileges or access to campus accommodations to any person(s) for violation of the College regulations, for health and safety reasons, when the resident is no longer a student, for nonpayment of College-related bills, or when the amount owed to the College constitutes a financial hardship.
    • The College expects all students in campus housing to attend classes regularly, show academic progress toward a degree, and maintain full-time status. Failure to attend classes on a regular basis, failure to demonstrate academic progress, or failure to maintain full-time status may result in cancellation of campus housing.