Responsibility of the Student Organization Advisor

All organizations are required to have an advisor who must be a full-time faculty/staff member. While the level of involvement is to be determined by the advisor and the organization, the minimum expectations are as follows:

  • To act as a resource to the officers and members of the organization in a non-classroom environment;
  • To assist the organization in all phases of its operations;
  • To sign appropriate forms implying knowledge of the organization's activities and fiscal status, but not assuming fiscal responsibility;
  • To sign paperwork for any program or transaction that exceeds $250;
  • To serve as a liaison between old and new officers and the college administration, thus providing stability and continuity of operation;
  • To assist in determining goals and in evaluating the organization's progress toward reaching the goals;
  • To serve as a chaperone or supervise organization programs or projects when deemed necessary by the Student Involvement Office;
  • To verify student membership as needed.

A member of the faculty/staff may not serve as an advisor to more than two organizations at one time, with the exception of those faculty/staff members who do so by virtue of their position with the college. In some instances, the Student Involvement Office may require that an organization's advisor have certain certifications, professional licenses or expertise when the nature of the organization makes such certification, licensing or expertise necessary. If an advisor does not meet or cannot acquire the proper certification or training necessary, then the organization is responsible for securing someone to administer proper instruction. This person must then work through the executive council of the organization and their school affiliated advisor. This person's responsibilities vary based on the needs of the individual club as determined by the organization, their advisor, and the Student Involvement Office, but may generally include (but not limited to):

  • To oversee the club in their activities
  • Be responsible for relaying important safety information, proper technique (if applicable) and working in a hands on type atmosphere
  • Provide ample support to the executive council and advisor in situations regarding the welfare of the organization