Registering as a Student Organization

All prospective student organizations are required to:

  • Check out, and complete, a Club Registration packet.
  • The officers and advisor must sign the Hazing, Banking, and Student Handbook signature sheets.
  • Select a president and treasurer (required officers).
  • Have at least five members who are full-time C of I students.
  • Obtain a full-time member of the faculty, staff or administration as an advisor.
  • Either submit a constitution or make sure the most recently updated version (no more than three years old) is currently on file in the Student Involvement Office.
  • Provide an updated, official roster at the end of each semester.

Any student organization, except for club sports,  is considered fully registered when the above criteria have been met.

Requesting Status as a New Religious Organization

Students must schedule a meeting with the Campus Ministry Council (see Campus Ministry Council section under College Committees). The Council will make a recommendation to the Office of Student Affairs. Once approved by the Campus Ministry Council, the organization may proceed to request recognition as a new organization through the Student Involvement Office by following the procedures outlined in the previous section.

Requesting Status as New Greek Organization

Students must schedule a meeting with the Greek Council.  The Council will make a recommendation to the Student Involvement Office.

Benefits of Registering an Organization

  • Use of The College of Idaho identification in association with the name of your organization.
  • Eligible for funding from the college student fees and Student Involvement Office.
  • Use of college facilities, supplies and equipment for programs and meetings.
  • Dissemination of your organization's publicity and information on campus, and inclusion in college calendars, listings and publications.
  • Consultation and advice from Student Involvement staff, including program resource information and services.
  • Tax exempt status for most purchases.
  • Fiscal advice about budgets, accounting/bookkeeping procedures.
  • Information on the laws of the city and state, and policies of The College of Idaho.

Loss of Recognition

It is the responsibility of student organizations to know and follow all college policies, as well as all federal, state, and local laws. If any law or college policy is unclear, it is the organization's responsibility to seek an explanation from the Student Involvement Office. Failure to comply with federal, state, or local laws could result in an organization and/or individual members facing criminal charges, civil charges, as well as college judicial proceedings.

Any misrepresentation of The College of Idaho, your organization and/or its intention, or failure to comply with college policies could result in loss of recognition for your organization.

An organization will receive violation notices for any breach of policy.