Hearing Levels

The campus disciplinary system consists of three hearing levels. The level is determined by the severity of the alleged violations and how the individuals involved respond to the allegations. The level also determines the range of   possible sanctions and who the hearing officer or body will be.

Level I Violation

Level I violations are characterized by simple policy violations (noise, smoking, etc…) or violations where the student does not dispute the allegations.   Typically the student accepts the charges and sanctions are assigned within 24   hours. Sanctions for a Level I violation may be any combination of written   warning, educational projects and programs, community service, fines and/or   restitution.

Level II Violation

Level II violations are characterized by more serious policy violations   (alcohol, some forms of vandalism, repeated violations, etc…) or violations   where the student is disputing the allegations. The accused student either   receives a citation requiring him/her to schedule a hearing (if deemed   necessary) or is sent a notice of charges to inform the student of the   allegations made, the corresponding policies and the date, time and location of   the hearing. In the hearing, the student is given an opportunity to hear the   information reported and the potential policy violations. The hearing also   provides the student with the opportunity to explain his/her side of the   allegations and to defend his/her actions. The hearing officer will then   consider the information presented and make a decision. Potential sanctions for   a Level II violation include the Level I sanctions plus probation and/or   administrative reassignment.

Level III Violation

Hearings for Level III violations are conducted by a hearing officer or Student Life Honor Council as designated by the Dean of Student Affairs and are characterized by the most   serious policy violations (assault, common source alcohol, harassment, drug   sales, etc…) where the sanction may include suspension or expulsion from the   residence halls or the college. The format follows the same process as a Level   II hearing.

Failure to Appear and Finding Without Response

Students are required to appear for campus disciplinary proceedings when   requested to do so by a hearing officer or Student Life Honor Council. The failure of any student to appear   for a disciplinary proceeding shall be grounds for disciplinary action. Such   failure to appear shall in no manner impede the hearing board or hearing officer   from reviewing the available evidence and making a determination.

Executive Action Pending a Hearing

The Dean of Student Affairs (or designee) has the discretion to temporarily   suspend a student from the college and/or from the residence halls or reassign a   resident to another facility and restrict the student from specific facilities   pending an investigation and /or hearing whenever in his/her judgment the   continued presence of a student constitutes a danger to the student or the   safety of persons or property, or the seriousness of the allegations warrant   such action.