Standards of Conduct

Standards of behavior that C of I considers essential to its educational mission and its community life are found in this policy. These general behavioral expectations and the resultant policies represent a reasonable regulation of student conduct.

The College of Idaho students

  • Act with respect for both our on-campus community members and for the greater community of which we are a part
  • Are honest in all endeavors
  • Act with regard for each other's health and welfare
  • Are thoughtful with words and actions
  • Are responsible for what they do and say
  • Are accountable to community members
  • Act with integrity and civility

Misconduct Definitions

It is expected that students, as part of the College community, will conduct themselves in such a way as to respect the rights of others and observe the   legal norms of the larger society. These expectations are described in various College publications including, but not limited to, the College of Idaho Catalog and the Student Handbook. Any action, activities or behaviors that are inconsistent with these rights and norms are prohibited. These include, but are not limited to, the following categories:

  • Theft of, or non-accidental damage to campus property, or property in the possession of, or owned by, a member of the campus community;
  • Knowingly receiving, retaining, or disposing of lost or mislaid property of a member of the College community or of the College itself;
  • Unauthorized entry into, unauthorized use of, or misuse of College property and/or computer systems and data;
  • The operation of a motorized vehicle on College property other than designated roadways;
  • Misuse of, or tampering with, fire alarm systems, smoke detectors, emergency lighting, fire extinguishers or other security equipment;
  • Acts which harm or are intended to harm, intimidate, or humiliate another member of the College community through the use of physical force, the threat of force, or verbal abuse, as well as other forms of insults;
  • Use or known possession of any explosives, dangerous chemicals, fireworks, or weapons on College premises (firearms may be registered and stored with Campus Safety);
  • Engaging in, or inciting others to engage in conduct which interferes with or disrupts a College function, or which prevents or limits the free expression of ideas by others, or which physically obstructs or restrains other members of   the College community or visitors;
  • Failing to comply with the direction of clearly identified College employees in the performance of their assigned duties;
  • Abuse of the rights of others in residential living situations, such as quiet hour or visitation violations;
  • Engaging in lewd, indecent, or obscene behavior on College property or at a campus function or event;
  • Dishonesty, including forgery, or giving fake information on official documents or to clearly identified College employees;
  • Accessing rooftops or other areas of campus that have potential of causing, or resulting in, bodily harm.

All inappropriate actions, activities or behaviors may not be specifically covered in the misconduct categories listed above. However, actions, activities or behaviors that are reasonably similar to those specified above, or otherwise specified as inappropriate in the Catalog or Student Handbook, may be considered misconduct and inconsistent with the reasonable standards of behavior that C of I expects from its students.