Student Honor Council

In keeping with the ASCI Code, The College of Idaho has established a Student Honor Council. The Honor Council strives to find truth in all matters presented and execute fair and rational judgment in the decisions derived in the proceedings.

The board agrees that students who have violated the student code of conduct should be reprimanded. The goals of sanctions are to encourage positive behavior change and self-responsibility.

Section three of the current ASCI code stipulates that the Student Honor Council shall be vested with the following powers:

  • to hear all disciplinary cases referred to it by members of the Administration and members of faculty;
  • to interpret the ASCI Constitution and to pass on the constitutionality of any legislation or executive action;
  • to render advisory opinions upon request of the Senate or of the Executive officers;
  • to have the power to recommend to the college administration all writs or punishments necessary and proper for the full exercise of its jurisdiction.