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Gala Featured Students

Alex Sproule Fendel

Alexander Sproule-Fendel '19

I’ve loved my College experience as a Yote and I’ll miss these days once I graduate, but I know I’m ready for it and that’s entirely the College’s doing.

Amber Tavener

Amber Tavener '19

The scholarships that I received from The College of Idaho were the largest of the schools I applied to, and this was a large factor in my decision to come to C of I.


Azhar Koshkimbayeva

Azhar Koshkimbayeva ’20

C of I has given me the opportunity to make new friends, to take leadership roles and has definitely pushed me outside my comfort zone.

Devin Gaskins

Devin Gaskins ’19

The reason I appreciate C of I is that the school and its community share the same goal as my parents, which is to help me achieve success without being hindered by lack of opportunity or finances.

Florence Wavreil

Florence Wavreil ’19

I chose C of I because I was interested in going to a small college for a sense of community and having professors that you get to know and they get to know you.

Kaitlin Heller

Kaitlin Heller ’19

Being a Yote is unique. I wish I could thank each and every person who has helped me and so many other students experience this love in full.

Lindo Zondo

Lindokuhle (Lindo) Njabulo William Zondo ‘21

I believe in giving respect in order to earn it. The College of Idaho community is one that truly upholds the value of respect, through the little things that we do for each other.

Mia Maldonado

Mia Maldonado ‘22

These scholarships allow me to attend a school I love, and earn a degree that will allow me to achieve my future endeavors. 

Mwabi Chipeta

Mwabi Chipeta ’20

I always say we may not all know each other by name, but we know a Yotie when we see one and that to me is important.

Shanaya Fox

Shanaya Fox ‘21

I never know what to expect for every term I enter, but I know that I will leave it with a new outlook, whether it is through a club, a class, a project, or an unexpected connection of the three.