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Representation, Inclusion & Equity Statement

The College of Idaho’s mission statement and core mission themes state a commitment to build community and to challenge students to think broadly. Concomitant with these goals is a commitment to a diverse and inclusive campus. True breadth and vibrant academic discourse require that we not only create a diverse community with a broad range of backgrounds among students, faculty, staff, and trustees but also create a culture in which we can learn from each member’s unique experiences and differences. To that end, the College is committed to creating a campus community that is representative, inclusive, and equitable.


The College of Idaho recognizes that engagement with different perspectives enhances education and intellectual discourse. This engagement is only achievable when the broadest possible ranges of identity and experience are represented at all levels of the campus community. The College of Idaho actively cultivates a diverse community, including representation of marginalized and underrepresented groups, in order to foster learning and intellectual inquiry.


The College of Idaho acknowledges that diversity without inclusion is a façade that not only fails to realize the benefits of a diverse and inclusive community but also perpetuates systems of inequity. An inclusive environment, characterized by cultural sensitivity, is a necessary prerequisite for recognizing and respecting the inherent human dignity of each individual. The College commits to making the circle larger and ensuring that each individual is valued and respected.


The College of Idaho affirms the need for equity. We strive to create a campus culture where each individual, including students, staff, faculty, and trustees from marginalized and underrepresented groups, can thrive. In doing so, we commit to transforming the structures and systems of power within the institution that hinder inclusion and equity and providing the necessary support and resources for success. By exploring questions of power, privilege, and difference through our curricula, campus discourse, and service, we situate the members of our community to be agents of change.

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