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BUS-430   Advanced Financial Management3 credits

Prerequisites: BUS-330

Contemporary issues in finance. Topics can include liquidity management, asset valuation, capital budgeting, capital structure, and financial strategy.

BUS-432   Investment Theory and Practice3 credits

Prerequisites: BUS-330

A study of the nature of investment, classification and analysis of bonds, stocks, etc., risk and return analysis, the Efficient Markets Hypothesis, CAPM, Modern Portfolio Theory, and the selection and management of financial portfolios.

BUS-438   Financial Problems3 credits

Prerequisites: BUS-330

Research and reports on selected problems or topics in finance.

BUS-444   International Finance3 credits

Prerequisites: BUS-330

Provides a framework for understanding financial management issues from a global perspective. Includes an introduction to the international financial system, the balance of payments, exchange rate determination, the management of multi-national corporations, and hedging currency and capital risks.

BUS-453   Principles of Production and Operations Management3 credits

Prerequisites: BUS-350

Studies the development of operational planning consistent with the organization's business strategies. Topics include capacity planning, facility location and layout, allocating resources, inventories, scheduling, and projects.

BUS-460   Social Media Marketing3 credits

Prerequisites: BUS-360

This course provides a foundation and skill set to develop social media marketing strategies and implement effective and engaging social media marketing campaigns. Topics include; content development, creating a social media marketing plan, integrating social media with other marketing efforts, application of social media tools, and metrics and measurement.

BUS-466   Consumer Behavior3 credits

Prerequisites: BUS-360

A study of how consumer psychological processes interact with both social and situational influences to shape consumer perceptions, decision-making processes, and purchase behavior. The social identity of distinctive groups of consumers who express ethnic, age-related, or lifestyle values through market and media choices will also be examined.

BUS-469   Marketing Strategy3 credits

Prerequisites: BUS-360

Focuses on the major issues faced by marketing managers, synthesizing the concepts, definitions, and models students have studied in prior marketing course into a broad understanding of marketing and its strategic application. Case studies and a marketplace simulation will address problems and decisions found in profit and non-profit, small, medium, and large firms operating in domestic, foreign, and multinational environments.

BUS-483   Project Management3 credits

Prerequisites: BUS-150. Students with Junior or Senior standing will have better background for this course.

Examination of how projects can be managed from start to finish, including specific emphasis on planning and controlling to avoid common pitfalls. Includes software applications and configuration management. Topics include identifying needs, defining requirements, project costing, scheduling, resource allocation, and project politics. All students, regardless of major, are encouraged to enroll. Students with Junior or Senior standing will have a better background for this course.

BUS-492   Business and Accounting Capstone: Junior Year Experience1 credit

Prerequisites: Junior standing and Instructor Permission

Corequisites: ACC-497 or BUS-497

This course will provide opportunity for student to prepare for career success after graduation. In the context of liberal arts and professional studies integration, students will develop their personal business model to demonstrate how their learning experiences create value for future employer and customer stakeholders.

BUS-493   Business and Accounting Capstone: Senior Seminar2 credits

Prerequisites: Senior standing and completion of Business and Accounting core

The Business Capstone course will provide opportunity for each student to integrate and apply all of what he/she has learned. As a true liberal arts capstone, students will need to draw on their knowledge of areas such as politics, culture, history, math, and business, to analyze organizational situations and recommend effective solutions. Students will develop written analyses and practical solutions for organizational issues. Throughout the capstone experience, students will utilize simulations, case studies, individual research papers, and team projects to learn how to be successful in twenty-first century organizations.

BUS-494   Independent Study1 - 3 credits

Prerequisites: Instructor permission

Research in the field of concentration for qualified students. See independent study guidelines.

BUS-497   Internship1 - 3 credits

Prerequisites: Instructor permision

Individually arranged and supervised internships with sponsors such as business organizations designed to provide practical experience in the field of concentration. Periodic reports and papers may be required. See internship guidelines.

BUS-498   Executive Seminar3 credits

Prerequisites: Instructor permission

Seminars conducted by executives in residence or visiting executives on their industry or specific business. With the help of their advisors, participating students complete a research project related to their career interest and the topic of the seminar.

BUS-499T   Special Topics in Business1 - 3 credits

Topics vary.